Days of our Lives Sneak Peeks Week 2-28-11

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Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip, DOOL)First of all, who is this guy Charles that shows up in Salem this week? How will his arrival impact the rest of the town's denizens?

As some of Salem's inhabitants deal with the newcomer, Stefano comes to believe that Rafe has outlived his usefulness. Uh oh. That may not bode well for Rafe. Will Stefano take steps to silence Rafe for good?

In the meantime, Philip discovers that Chloe could have a problem on her hands. He finds out about Kate and Melanie who have been conspiring against her. Will he share this news with Chloe, or does he attempt to confront Kate and Melanie himself? Either way, is he successful in thwarting Kate and Melanie's conspiracy plans?

Additionally, we know that Abigail has been trying to find out who saved Jennifer's life. This week she learns that Daniel was the doctor responsible. How will she treat Daniel now that she knows the truth?

The week wraps up as Nicole asks EJ and Taylor about what's going on between them. Will EJ and Taylor come clean to Nicole? Keep your remote glued to Days of our Lives this week and see!