Days of our Lives Sneak Peeks Week 2-20-12

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Alison Sweeney (Sami, Days of our Lives)Major events happening in Salem this week. For instance, Sami learns that Marlena knows her secret. Then, Kate's connection to Ian is revealed. Plus, Hope and John leave for Alamainia, but are they alone? Later, EJ and Nicole's anniversary is violently crashed by a man EJ scorned. Is it anyone we know? Later, Abigail pressures Austin to come clean to Carrie. Does he? And then, a drunken Will kisses one of Sonny's friends!

But that's not all...

Romance and marriages are on the rocks this week. First of all, Brady confronts Madison about her secret marriage. Will she be able to sufficiently back peddle? Then, after Lexie learns of Abe's misdeeds, does she consider ending their marriage? Meanwhile, Nicole talks sense into EJ when she urges him not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Will he see things her way? Meanwhile, Ian revisits his past with Kate. How will that turn out?

At the same time, Marlena and Jack separately try to play peacemaker to decidedly mixed results. Do either of them make the necessary headway? Later, as Sami refuses to let go of the past, Jack tries to make peace with his. Will either of them succeed in their quest? Meanwhile, Austin and Carrie come to a conclusion on how to save their marriage. Is Abby going to stand by and allow that to happen? Tune in to Days of our Lives this week and see.