Days of our Lives Sneak Peeks Week 2-12-12

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Christie Clarke, Patrick Muldoon (Carrie, Austin Days of our Lives)Everyone is feeling guilty as Rafe is chided by Roman. At the same time, Carrie and Austin try to use sex as a tool of forgiveness. Will it work? Meanwhile, Abigail's tears lead her to pull Melanie into her web of deception. Later, Brady discovers Madison's connection to Ian. We have a sneaking suspicion he is not going to like what he finds out.

Meanwhile, it is finally Election Day in Salem and Abe is faced with an ethical dilemma. Will he do what's right? At the same time, Nicole sends Will on an immoral mission. Sacre bleu! What does she want him to do?

Shortly thereafter, Carrie and Sami drudge up the past, causing Austin to take an unexpected side. Whose side is that? Speaking of Austin, Abigail has other plans in store for him. Carrie beware!

Then, as the week heats up, Brady, Sami, and Kate are pleaded with to be taken back by exes, while Abigail uses Austin's current love interest to get what she wants. Meanwhile, as a calm Rafe turns to Kayla, Sami and Carrie face off. Will their enraged fight hit a point of no return? Only one way to find out. Tune in to Days of our Lives this week.