Days of our Lives Sneak Peeks Week 12-12-11

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Eric Martsolf (Brady, Days of our Lives)As Brady begins to put a wall up with Madison, it's Sami who ends up letting down her guard toward a bitter former rival.  We will give you three guesses as to who that might be, but the first two don’t count. Yup. It’s Kate.  The icy relationship between Sami and Kate actually begins to thaw this week.  What brings about a change of heart for them?  Meanwhile, Nicole gets in on the dirty play in the election.  So, Jennifer considers fighting fire with fire when a move by Nicole gives EJ the upper hand in the election.  Will she go through with it?

At the same time, its date night in Salem as Brady recreates an important night for Madison. Will they take their relationship to the next level and make love?  Speaking of romance, Marlena surprises John in jail. Does she arrive in only a trench coat and high heels?  

Meanwhile, Jennifer's date with Daniel is disrupted when his family history interrupts.  Shortly thereafter, as Jennifer agonizes over her recent break-up, it's Carrie who has the biggest break of all - in relation to John's case. Does it have to do with EJ and Stefano agreeing to drop the civil suite on John?  More importantly, what makes them change their minds?  Do they have a price?

It’s then back to Sami who takes the virtuous route after witnessing an awkward moment.  Plus, Mary Beth Evans returns as Kayla Brady. Why is she back in Salem?  To help Carolyn for the holidays at the Brady Pub, of course!  What will the two plan for holiday festivities?  Find out when you tune in to Days of our Lives this week.