Days of our Lives Sneak Peeks Week 1-30-12

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Alison Sweeney (Sami, Days of our Lives)Sami catches Rafe and Carrie in a close moment. Even though people who live in glass houses should not throw stones, Sami is on a rampage when she ruins Sydney's party and Carrie and Rafe's intimate moment. In her rage, she even offers an olive branch to EJ, but another offering to EJ is less genuine. What offering is that?

Meanwhile, Stefano warns and tempts Bo and Hope with the reveal of Alice's envelope's contents. But taunting folks like Bo and Hope only leads to piquing their curiosity even more. Will they decide to open Alice and Stefano's safe deposit box? If so, what will they find?

Shortly thereafter, guilt affects everyone differently as Madison's makes her reconsider her attack on Kate, while Sami's causes her to lash against John's bonding attempt.

While in other couples' developments, Abigail feels no shame when she pits Austin against his wife. Is Abby deliberately trying to ruin their marriage? Speaking of Abigail, it turns out that her career plans don't' sit too well with Jennifer. Will Jenn go so far as to forbid Abigail to take Madison's offer of a modeling job?

Then, as the preparations for the debates get under way, we will see one upstanding Salem denizen take the low road for the sake of saving the elections. Are we speaking about Abe?

At the same time, fear causes Will to reach out to Sonny and Carrie to turn to Rafe, while Madison tries to muster up the courage to overcome her fears and come clean to Brady about her past. Does she admit her prior indiscretions to Brady? We can't spill all the beans, but Bradison fans, we can share this. Before the week is out, Brady will tell Madison he loves her! How will she react? Find out when you tune in to Days of our Lives this week.