Days of our Lives Sneak Peeks Week 1-3-11

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Alison Sweeney (Sami, DOOL)It’s a New Year in Salem and it begins with Sami trying to talk some sense into EJ.  In a heart-to-heart conversation, she tells him that marrying Nicole is a mistake he’ll regret.  Is he ready to be reasoned with in such a way, or has Nicole turned his head so completely that he will pooh-pooh Sami’s warning and go about his merry way?

Meanwhile, Vivian best watch her back.  Brady and Kate put their plans to destroy her in motion. What devious machinations do they have up their sleeves this time?  Will Viv see through their scheme before it’s too late?

Watch for a police detective to show up on the scene the early part of the week. Just why he’s making his presence known is still not clear. Is someone in trouble with the law?  At the same time, Caroline begs Kayla to keep Stephanie out of town, but will Kayla be able to keep Steph away?  Speaking of Salem’s younger set, we know that Philip cheated on Melanie.  Well this week, others find out about it, too.  Will Nathan?  If so, how will he deal with the situation?  Stay tuned to Days of our Lives all week and see.