Update: Lisa Rinna back to Days of our Lives?

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Lisa Rinna (ex Billie, Days of our Lives) (c) Kathy HutchinsOn Tuesday, October 25, 2011, rumor leaked out due to a story on the Huffington Post that Lisa Rinna, ex Billie Reed Days of our Lives, was returning to the soap.  From the published HufPo story, we learned that Rinna's character would hit Salem much in the same way that James Franco's Franco infiltrated General Hospital.

Soapdom immediately alerted fans to the possibility of the rumor, then reached out to our contacts at Days of our Lives, with whom we are very tight, for information.

They said they would look into it and get back to us...

By late last week, after numerous follow up calls (during which they shared that they were getting tons of calls from all the other outlets on this as well), they said simply:  "No comment."

What can we read into their "no comment" comment?  A couple of things.

1) The rumor is indeed true.  However, the storyline is so far down the road that even the publicity team was unaware of it or any casting for it. If this is the case, whoever leaked this story to the HufPo could be at risk of losing their job, or at the very least, get a severe reaming out.
Or ...

2)  This is indeed just a rumor. A wishful thinking best case scenario on the part of the original reporter.  

Or … (and this is our favorite option)

3) The powers that be (TPTB) at Days of our Lives are thinking of bringing Rinna back and doing a similar Franco deal, where the character appears sparingly over the course of many months (for you General Hospital fans, the first time James Franco was on GH, he taped for only three days in which they shot all the scenes they used for several months!), and are testing the waters of fan reaction by leaking the possibility of a story such as this with Rinna's Billie Reed at the helm.  In other words, this was a calculated move on the part of TPTB to see if fans would want Billie back.

We do think that the rumor itself is not that far fetched and consider Rinna's return a definite possibility. Given the Days 2.0 reboot and their recent move to bring back fan favorite characters and actors to the Salem fold, we could very well see not only Rinna but others returning in the future.

Regardless, we will stay on top of the Rinna story, and if we hear anything further that -- officially -- confirms or denies the rumor -- which so far, no one is doing either -- we will be the first to fill you in.