THR Exclusive! Charles Shaughnessy back to Days of our Lives

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Charles Shaughnessy (Shane, Days of our Lives )  (c)Soapdom/LMSThis is big, Days of our Lives fans. In an exclusive report, THR has learned that Charles Shaughnessy (Shane, Days of our Lives) is on his way back to Salem. Shaughnessy played an ISA agent from 1984 to 1992. He returned in 2002 and again in 2010, and it looks like he'll be back in 2012 just in time for May Sweeps.

In Shaughnessy's own words: "I have been back a couple of times since I first left in 1991, but this has been the most fun. It was like walking into a wormhole or time warp when I rehearsed my first scene," Shaughnessy shared on his personal blog today. But that's not all.  Shaughnessy went on to say that...

"The old gang was there doing the same stuff and saying the same dialogue as if it were the very next day. Shane and Roman helping Bo, Hope, Marlena and John Black "bring down Stefano Di Mera."

Shaughnessy also revealed that Shane's return will be for 12 episodes.

News of Shaughnessy's return comes on the heels of word that Lisa Rinna (Billie, Days of our Lives) will reprise her role in early March.

In the meantime, fans of Shaughnessy can see him now in The Bay the Series, the award-winning websoap.

Speaking of The Bay, here's a bit of trivia for you. The scene in season two of The Bay where Shaughnessy's character gets some very heartbreaking news about his daughter was filmed in my home! Yup. Charles Shaughnessy was in my dining room. But shhh. That's just between you and me.

Charles Shaughnessy (Shane, Days of our Lives ) filming a scene from The Bay in your QueenRuler's dining room! (c)Soapdom/LMS












Shaughnessy's other credits include the extremely popular The Nanny, Life with Fran, and Mad Men.

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