NBC Gets New Head of Daytime Programming

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What will it mean for the future of soaps on NBC?


Peter Reckell (Bo, Days of our Lives)Could this be the shot in the arm NBC Daytime programming needs to become a daytime drama powerhouse? Or, could it mean the end of daytime on NBC as we know it?

Today, NBC announced today that they promoted NBC programming executive Bruce Evans to Senior Vice President, Current Series, NBC Entertainment.  The promotion was announced by Erin Gough Wehrenberg, Executive Vice President, Current Series, NBC Entertainment, to whom he will report.

"Bruce has been an incredibly vital executive whose extensive experience on some of our most important cornerstone series make this promotion most deserving," said Gough Wehrenberg. "As a result, his duties will be expanded to allow his contributions and impact to be maximized on a larger platform."

Okay so fine. What does Evan's promotion have to do with Daytime on NBC?  In his new position, the well-regarded executive will continue to handle many of NBC’s current series and will take on new responsibilities as head of Daytime programming that is now included under Current Series.

Question is how will Evans handle NBC Daytime?  The daytime drama series programming on NBC was reduced from two to one soap when Passions was cancelled a year ago to make way for an expanded 4-hour version of The Today Show.  With Day of our Lives NBC's only soap opera left on the daytime roster, and it's ratings taking a nose dive, the show's future seems uncertain when it's contract expires next year.  will Evans be just the ticket to instill new life in Days?  Will he sanction another soap or two to flank Days?  Or -- will he put an end to daytime drama on NBC, opting instead for talk, lifestyle or daytime reality shows?  Only time will tell, but it would seem to me that a few snail mails sent to...

Mr. Bruce Evans
Senior Vice President, Current Series, NBC Entertainment
NBC Television Network
3000 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91523

...in support of Days of our Lives couldn't hurt the cause.

In addition to overseeing current programs night and day, Evans also will be a liaison for Paula Madison, Executive Vice President, Diversity, NBC Universal & Company Officer, General Electric, and her staff as they look to increase diversity in front of, and behind the camera, on all of NBC's shows.

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Evans Resume

Evans most recently served as Vice President, Current Series, in Burbank, since July 2000. Among the current series he has overseen are "Heroes," "Law & Order," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," "Medium," "Crossing Jordan," "Just Shoot Me," ‘Suddenly Susan" and "Profiler," among others.

Earlier, Evans was a Director, Prime Time Series, from July 1998. He previously served as a Manager, Prime Time Series, since August 1997.

Evans began his program executive career at NBC in August 1996 as an Entertainment Associate in Prime Time Series after his first job as a Coordinator in the same department.

Prior to NBC, Evans worked in the marketing department at the Connecticut Public Television in Hartford, Connecticut.

Evans received his bachelor of arts degree in public policy from Brown University and later obtained his masters of business administration degree from Yale University.