Deidre Hall's Books A Must Have: Great Tips Combined With Good Advice

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Deidre Hall (Marlena, Days of our Lives)

Written by Mark Edward Wilows

If anyone knows how to eat right and look beautiful, it's Deidre Hall (Marlena) of Days of our Lives. And she penned two books called "Kitchen Close Up" and "How Does She Do It?" Each book is loaded with tips and answers the questions that you want to know. The books are co-authored by good friend Lynne Parmiter Bowman.

"Kitchen CloseUp" focuses on not only eating healthy nutritious foods, but also how to prepare them. Deidre offers tips on cooking, nutrition, and health. She tells you how to make simple dishes taste great, and how to make healthy foods taste good. And she offers inspiration on living a healthier life.

"How Does She Do It?" explores the world of beauty with interests for everyone and is packed with information, on how to shop for clothes, and who not to shop with.

"I really enjoyed writing these books. 'Kitchen Close Up' has been in the works for years. I'd sit around the table chatting about what is good to eat and not good to eat, and then it hit! I should really being penning this valuable information, and an idea and a book was born."Hall said.

Lynne Parmiter Bowman agrees. "Deidre and I would sit at her home around the table talking, and we decided, why not? In fact, 'Kitchen Close' Up took only two months to do. Its like we were ready and motivated."

Bowman and Hall go way back. Bowman said that she has known Deidre for years and today are "BFF". Their friendship dates back to 1968.

"I was working at Redken laboratories. I hired her as a model. In came this skinny, freckled, adorably cute girl fresh off the boat from Florida, and the rest is history,"Bowman jokes. Together Deidre and I have been through many careers, marriages, and children. We just clicked. People would be shocked to know how funny she is. You really have no idea. These books are the story of women's friendship. It's a celebration."

"How Does She Do It?" is a fun knowledgeable book . It is a book you will enjoy picking up,"Hall said. "This book covers what you talk about at home, in the store, in the beauty salon. It's just the answer book with tips."

Hall said this book was put together with much collaboration. Even if you think that you are the expert on the topic, the book will present it with a spin.

"I look at this book as not only a beauty book, but a real conversation book. It shows how we (women) function and operate,"Hall said. "Also I love being a girl. Because it's so much fun that we can explore with different things and products."

Gabriele Dotson, of Chicago agrees. "I have followed Deidre for years. I even watched her primetime show "Our House" in the 80's. Deidre is the consummate professional, but never changes,"Dotson said. Talk about aging gracefully? Honestly, Deidre looks as beautiful and vibrant as thirty years ago. I read this book in bed, even in the beauty parlor chair. I love it!"

"How Does She Do It?" tackles many different aspects. It starts with beauty and then gets in to more personal matters like the proper way to lay, or the proper way to sleep. It tells you how to get through your busy day. And how to dress, hair care, skincare, proper sunscreen, and how to move and yes to take care of those brows.

There is a discussion on plastic surgery, weight loss and cosmetic dentistry, and even enlightens you on the top fragrances.

"I wrote this book, not only wanting it to be loaded with a wealth of information, but I want it to be where it makes you feel young and vibrant after reading the book. And you want to improve and feel better about yourself,"Hall explains.

The book is also a bit, can we say! Racy? There is no holding back. Upon reading you will understand. An example is about a bustier that will make you feel "kick-ass" every time you pull it out like the first time you saw it.

The 144 page book also has valuable information with tips on shopping. Like never shop with a child, or heterosexual man. And know which stores to shop and the shops that carry what fits your needs and the brands that are for you.

The book is for pre-teens to women, but every chapter is guaranteed on giving you a chuckle, and help in bringing out your full potential.

Deidre was also gracious to tell Soapdom on her return to Days of our Lives after a few years absence. "It was strange. I was going on the book signing tour with Days of our Live:45 years- A Celebration in photos along with Greg Meng, senior vice president, of Corday Productions, Inc., and executive in charge of productions for Days of our Lives.

"Greg and I started to talk. We were both on the same page with our thoughts and Ideas on the show. He talked about his visions, and I was like... I like it! And before you know it I was asked to come aboard,"Hall said. "I know I made the right decision, and am thrilled to be back."

Hall also related that she is over-joyed to be back working with Drake Hogestyn (John). She feels that in today's world by the characters of Marlena and John staying together, it gives people a sense of stability. "I believe that is what we all need in our lives, and that is stability." she said.

Deidre Hall's books are available at; (As there is a fabulous store to shop online)