Days of our Lives Welcomes Sarah Joy Brown

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Sarah Joy Brown (Madison, Days of our Lives) (c)SoapdomWhen Soapdom recently got the opportunity to check in with Sarah Joy Brown, aka Sarah Brown, we wanted to get something out of the way first up – that being the two versions of her name we’ve seen and used over the years.  We wanted to clear the air once and for all. Which does she prefer?  Sarah Brown or Sarah Joy Brown?

Brown opened up and revealed that her name is actually Sarah Brown, but she uses Sarah Joy Brown professionally.  When she first began acting, she used Sarah Brown, but found that was not to be acceptable going forward.  Why?  “I got a letter from a lawyer,” Brown revealed.  “Sarah Brown was another actress who was registered in both SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists). That’s when I officially became Sarah Joy Brown...”

In addition to a long string of prime time television (Castle,  Flashpoint, The Closer, Without a Trace, for example) and a few films under her belt, Brown is best known to soap fans for her auspicious days on General Hospital (1996-2001), where she received not one, not two, but three Daytime Emmy Awards for her role as Carly; then to As the World Turns (2004-2005) as Julia, back to General Hospital as Claudia in 2009, and most recently as Agnes on the Bold and the Beautiful (2011).

Soapdom couldn't be more delighted that Brown has now landed in Salem on Days of our Lives.  With experience at all three daytime networks, we wanted to know if she found anything different between them, or was taping a soap opera pretty much the same across the board.

“There is one thing that I’ve not seen on any other that I appreciate on Days,” she revealed.  “We have a producer on set. He is on the set, down there in the trenches. Not in booth with the director. On other shows, you only get notes on loudspeaker. On Days, he is right here. He’s watching every camera angle.  He is surrounded by large screen TVs. He’s right there on hand and can watch the performances live.  This is something I’ve thought would be great for a long time.  To have eyes in the sky is great, but to have someone there in the trenches with you is even better.”

Brown will play the role of Madison James on Days of our Lives, a totally new character who will sweep into Salem with a corporate agenda.  

Sarah Joy Brown (Madison, Days of our Lives) (c)Soapdom“The role came about the way they always do,” Brown shared.  “The normal call to the agent.  Our casting director, Marnie (Saitta), knew of my work and thought this would be a good role for me.  They reached out to me for it.  We had some back and forth.  We talked about it for a while and then boom it happened.”

Madison James, CEO, comes to Salem looking to do some business with Titan. “They contacted her,” Brown shares.   “They are aware of her success and they want to make the company become more international. She has a meeting with them. She’s a tough business woman. But she is always soft and feminine and every bit a woman. She’s in it to win it.”  

The corporate honchos at Titan best beware.  “When it comes to business -- she is no shrinking flower,” declared Brown.

Brown hopes and wants the fans to embrace the character.  “Love her. Hate her. Talk about her in their sleep!” she enthused.  “I hope it infuses a character in daytime that people love and want to love and want to watch. I hope that the character will fit into the canvas in a way that makes the show even better.”

In between Brown’s stint on The Bold and the Beautiful and starting at Days of our Lives, she shot a movie called “The Lamp” with Lou Gossett, Jr.  “You can buy the DVD anywhere,” Brown said. It’s a really nice family film.”

The day Brown and I spoke was a rather auspicious one in soapdom. It was Friday, September 23, 2011, the final broadcast airdate of All My Children.  Brown had some thoughts to share regarding soap operas going forward.

“I hope that we remain relevant and that all of the shows that are still on the air are able to change in a way that audiences will want to see in today’s day and age,” she said.  “I hope (that networks) keep that chunk of daytime about daytime, which may not be cheaper but will bring back the kind of return that makes more for the networks, ultimately. We have the ability to bring fans in -- in droves.  If you build it they will come. They may come on the computer or by DVR , but they will come.”

Brown’s first airdate as Madison James on Days of our Lives is Tuesday, October 4th.