Days of our Lives Welcomes Back Deidre Hall

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Deidre Hall (Marlena, Days of our Lives)But what was she up to when she was away?

As any die hard Days of our Lives fan who is worth their salt must already know, one of the show’s most beloved characters, Dr. Marlena Evans, is on her way back to Salem.  It’s about time, too.  The character has been missed.

Deidre Hall, who has played Marlena on and off since 1976, couldn’t be more delighted to be returning, and she promises much is in store for fans once the new story direction begins airing on September 26th.  

However, while Marlena and John were in Switzerland seeking treatment to save John’s life, Hall was busy here in Los Angeles and abroad.

“I wrote a book called, Diedre Hall’s Kitchen Closeup,” Hall enthused. “It’s available on Amazon, or follow me on twitter or Facebook and you can find it.” (@DiedreHall, Diedre Hall fan page and

The book answers the dreaded three words every mother hates; what’s for supper? “It is a funny, irreverent, lifestyle book,” beams Hall. It was written with her long time friend and co-conspirator, Lynne Parmiter Bowman, and it’s full of “fast, frugal, fabulous food secrets.  It tells us what we need in our pantry, in our refrigerator, to make a meal without stopping at the market. They are fast, healthy and delicious meals.”

Hall has participated in celebrity cook books before, but this is the first one with all her  own recipes. “It is a hand book, packed with not only delicious (and healthy) recipes, but comes complete with a shopping list of organic necessities!”
Deidre Hall's Kitchen Close UpThe book is a very quick read. You can digest it (pun intended) in an hour or less. (I oughta know. I read it this morning, and tried one of the recipes for lunch, the Grilled Asparagus a la Binky -- (in honor of one of my cats. Slinky Binky.  Quick, easy, yummy!)  Then, the recipes are always there for easy reference whenever you need a refresher.

Diedre Hall’s Kitchen Closeup is available now at $12.95.

Along with authorship, Hall also did some philanthropic work during her time away from Days.

“I took my son David to Brazil, where we worked with operation smile,” she shared. Operation smile is an organization that helps disfigured children, like those with cleft palate. We then went to Washington D.C. where we campaigned for the renewal of the child nutrition act,” Hall said.  

As if all that wasn’t enough, Hall likewise had to get her hands dirty.  “I also planted a garden!”  We can’t help but wonder if the fruits of her gardening will turn up in a second cook book!

Stay tuned to for more on Deidre Hall’s return to Days of our Lives this September 26th.