Days of our Lives Suzanne Rogers lends comfort to Salem

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Molly Burnett and Suzanne Rogers (Melanie and Maggie, Days of our Lives)Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) has been a fixture on Days of our Lives for 37 years. She is one of those talents that lends a certain familiarity to Salem as you know that whenever she’s on camera, Salem feels like home.  

With the Days reboot beginning to gear up, Soapdom chatted with Rogers and learned that her character is about to take an exciting turn, like  remaining in a relationship with Victor.  Why does she decide to stay?

“Why not?  I think she needs to – after having lost her hubby – she had to spread her wings to find out who she was.  She is the only female in Victor’s life who hasn’t wanted something from him,” Rogers reveals. “That’s what intrigues him about her.  Plus the fact that he’s attracted to her.  She’s interested in him.  I think she’s a little afraid of him – especially in the beginning – that’s why she’s been reticent about making any decision whatsoever.  She’s heard stories. He’s not been the knight in shining armor. She’s been concerned about him. She’s led a sheltered life but she’s enjoying this because she is becoming her own person.”

Of course, Kate is trying to talk her out of it.  How will Maggie handle Kate?

“Kate is married to Stefano, now, but it’s proprietary. She still thinks of Victor as her property. But that’s okay because Kate is married to a strong man, and now she sees Maggie with Victor, but for Maggie to hold her own with Victor, there’s something about Maggie that Kate doesn’t know, and even if she doesn’t like it, it’s intriguing to Kate.”

We went on to discuss the new direction of Days of our Lives.  Rogers couldn’t be more delighted with the reboot.

“Of course I’m excited,” Rogers enthused.  “Maggie will always think of herself as a Horton.”  In regard to fan favorites returning to the show…”It’s exciting to see people again. It’s nice to see the originals come back. Obviously popular characters are back – how lovely that is!”

Rogers also went on to express her wishes for her character going forward.  “I hope the writers are as fascinated with my pairing now as it has been in the last couple of years.”

Which brought us to a discussion on the longevity of the character.

“I do think that people like to feel comfort,” said Rogers. “I’ve been there, and it’s true. It’s a character that has been always genuine, honest to her character. I do think that Maggie is a character that people want to love and look up to. I think that I’ve been very lucky.  Let’s face it. I was lucky to work with someone like Mickey, and when I married into that, I married into a family that was a loved family by the audience. I was very lucky. I had a connection to all those people in that family.  That itself was a plus.”

Soapdom feels that Maggie’s longevity is likewise a testament to Roger’s performance and character portrayal.  She is now Days of our Lives longest running character, playing the role of Maggie for over 37 years.

“Thank you. Thank you. I work very hard and love what I do,” Rogers said.  “I think a lot of fans can associate with me and like that. Some may say that ‘Oh she’s so boring.’  And I think there were times that Maggie was boring.  But now there are sides that are coming out that oh ---she’s yelling at someone.  She’s been allowed to grow, to grow up and to grow knowledgeable and that’s going to be wonderful to play.”

When we spoke, Rogers was anticipating a few weeks off.  “I’ve been working so much but have two weeks off coming up, and I’ll just chill and do a lot of cooking and exercising and walking my dog. Too hot to visit sis back in North Carolina.”

We also found out that Rogers loves to cook.  Her favorite meal?  Eye round roast, mashed potatoes with apples, and string beans.  Sounds like some good ole comfort food to us.