Days of our Lives Peter Reckell on Bo’s Illness

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Days’ Brady family could soon be minus one more!


Peter Reckell (Bo, Days of our Lives)Sacré bleu!  After believing her to be dead for oh so many years, the Brady clan finally reconnects with matriarch Colleen Brady in Ireland, only to have her die in their arms mere days later.  Then, on the way back to Salem, the plane suffers a mechanical failure and goes down, injuring many and killing Grandpa Shawn!  Now it turns out that popular copper Bo Brady is suffering from some kind of serious illness involving the pancreas. But the doctors are baffled.  They are not sure exactly what is ailing him.  Is Bo at risk of being at death’s door?

Not according to Peter Reckell who has been portraying the cop with a big heart since 1983.  For those of us who can’t compute, that’s 25 years. He’s had an amazing run on the soap, and doesn’t plan on going anywhere any time soon.  At least that’s how he’s betting.

"If it was pancreatic cancer, we would know Bo isn't going to make it because you don't survive pancreatic cancer,” said Reckell to the NY Daily News. But the show’s scribes have not put the words “pancreatic cancer” into any of the doctors’ mouths.  The actor continued:  “We talked about pancreatitis, but it can't be that because the reason you get pancreatitis is usually because you're an alcoholic.” Which Bo is not.  So what’s left? 

According to the thespian, they could very well explain Bo’s current illness by using history.  Many moons ago, Bo was in a motorcycle crash that broke his collarbone.  It’s feasible that his pancreas was injured as well at that time and is only now rearing its ugly head. 

Reckell says that no one knows for sure yet, but “they have a whole bunch of things that they're throwing out there."  Only time will tell.  That and the fact that a McDreamy new doctor will be called in on Bo's case.  His name is Dr. Jonas and he will be played by Shawn Christian.  Soap fans will remember Christian for his role as Mike Kasnoff on As the World Turns.

Meanwhile, back in Salem, coming up the week of February 25th there won’t be a dry eye in the house as family and friends gather to say their fond farewells to Grandpa Shawn.  Even Bo will emerge – frail and weak – from the hospital to pay his respects.  Reckell reveals that the funeral will take two days of air time. Keep that box of Kleenex handy.