Days of our Lives Molly Burnett talks turkey

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Molly Burnett (Melanie, Days of our Lives)This week, Melanie takes matters into her own hands when she does what is right for her family.  Melanie knows that Carly is no angel and that Carly has done things to her that cut her to the quick.  Despite it all, Melanie has come to love her mother dearly, and could not see herself without her.  

At the same time, Nicholas, is not so forgiving.  Even as Carly begs him to give her another chance, he will walk out.  

Enter his sister.  Will she be able to talk some sense into him for the sake of their mother?

Soapdom sat down with Melanie's portrayer, Molly Burnett, who minced no words in sharing what's happening for her character in Salem.

“Melanie is not pretending she’s perfect, but she realizes that this is bigger than her and bigger than Nicholas,” Melanie’s portrayer, Molly Burnett, shared with Soapdom. “The ultimate goal is to get their mom better.  Melanie also recognizes that family is there for you, no matter what, and that’s what she is trying to tell him.”  

As it turns out, Melanie’s arguments will start to hit home with Nicholas and that makes her feel good.  “She’s about helping her mom,” says Burnett. “The fact that he is there and he is going to help is great.”

Speaking of Melanie’s mom, we asked Burnett what the future holds for Carly.  “Carly is working on herself,” enthused Burnett, “and she is heading in a good direction.”

Will they be a big happy family?  “I hope so. Nobody is a big happy family all the time, but hopefully they will go on as positive as they can.”  

Far as the character of Melanie is concerned, Burnett just wants her to focus on herself, learn how to be alone, and work on her family relationships.  “She had some closure from most of her (romantic) relationships,” says Burnett, “not positive for all, but most of them are closed. I like that she doesn’t have a boyfriend right now.  You can be by yourself and still be happy.  That is the way it is in real life, so I am very happy to play that on TV.”

We could not let Burnett go without discussing the new direction Days is about to take.  “Get ready for September 26th, because things are going to change and it’s going to absolutely for the better,” she wants fans to know.  “It’s going to be pretty cool.”  Not only that, the actors and crew are all engaged with the new direction.  ” It’s a positive feeling on set, that’s a really great thing.  Everyone is working hard to save the genre and save the show. You come to work prepared and you bring your a game.”

We also talked about the return to Salem of some of its former beloved characters – and the original actors who played the roles.  Although Burnett has gotten friendly with everyone off screen, she hasn’t gotten the chance to work with any of the old crew on screen yet.  But never say never, so stay tuned.

Burnett, who just wrapped taping for two weeks (Days is now on hiatus – or vacation – for the next two weeks. Everyone is off) was heading to New York with her dad to take in a few Broadway shows.  

“We’re going to see Book of Mormon, and War Horse,” Burnett shared with Soapdom. (In fact, her favorite song at the moment is “You and Me, But Mostly Me,” from the Book of Mormon!), although, she was concerned about hurricane Irene’s impact on her plans.  With good cause. Broadway is closed this Saturday, August 27 and Sunday August 28 due to the fact that the NYC subways are shut down thanks to the eminent wrath of Irene.  Heads up to all you New Yorkers. Stay safe!

After her trip to New York winds down, Burnett is off to her home state of Colorado to visit with the rest of her family and friends.

But no matter whether she is traveling or in production with Days, you can always find Burnett on Twitter.  “Come follow me,” she said.  @mollydolly