Days of our Lives Matt Ashford returns to win Jenn back!

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Matthew Ashford (Jack, Days of our Lives) (c)Kathy HutchinsMatthew Ashford’s character, Jack, has been missing in action from Salem for a while.  Now he’s back and he’s a little in the dark about actions that Jenn, his wife, or former wife, has done on his behalf.  Will he stand by and leave things status quo, or is he going to fight for his woman?

Before we got into asking him that, we questioned him on just what Jack has been up to since leaving Salem.

In Ashford’s own words, this is what led up to Jack leaving Salem the last time…

“Jack and Jen just had business opportunities in London. They left together as a happy couple -- as a family,” he shared. “They started working together (and continued doing that) until this last year when Jenn came back for Alice’s funeral. Then, Jenn stayed in Salem.  In that time, Jack split to do crazy stuff – it seems that JJ was in school. Abby came back to the states, and Jack was kind of doing crazy things. No one ever saw this stuff. I heard about it from folks who watched the show.”

While Jack was doing all this “crazy stuff” off screen, the “cat” was away, which enabled Jenn, the “mouse” to play -- and play she did, with Dr. Dan.

“Now, because of the last year, Jenn is seriously romantically linked with Daniel,” Ashford continued.  “Jack is totally unaware of it. He hasn’t known anything about Daniel and has to quickly take in the situation.  Jenn filed for divorce and they are divorced.  If there was going to be a serious obstacle for these two characters, it had to be this.”  

So, how will Jack handle the situation going forward?

“He will continue to fight for her.  He wasn’t there. He didn’t know they got divorced.  It was an ex party divorce. He was incommunicado. And that’s part of the story.”

Soapdom then had to know what Ashford was most looking forward to for the character now that he is back in Salem.
“I am hoping he will take extraordinary measures to not only win Jenn back but to win Salem in general -- to really rise again in the eyes of the town and become a player,” he said.

Like all of his other cast mates, Ashford is also very excited about the new direction Days of our Lives is taking.  

“I think that they are challenging me – the new exec producer -- they are challenging us to really dig deep into the heart of the characters and not be afraid to show things. Things we’ve not been asked to show for years. They really want us to go for that. It’s lifelike and the audience will see that it makes sense. It only gives us more for the character (to work with.)”

Ashford went on to say that Days 2.0 is strengthening the character of the town.  “It’s better for Salem, better for the actors and better for the show.”

Just how Jack’s recent past of being “incommunicado” will impact the lives of his friends and family in Salem remains to be seen, so stay tuned.

If you want to find out more about Jack’s return, why not get the info straight from the actor’s tweets?  Ashford has just created his Twitter account and invites all fans to follow him.  Find him @matthew_ashford

“I am looking forward to tweeting with you.  It’s a whole interesting dynamic,” he shouted out to fans.

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