Days of our Lives Episode Recap, Friday, September 19, 2008

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Episode #10914----It's a big day in Salem, starting with Lexie who thanks Daniel for all the complimentary words. Daniel says they're all true. Lexie thinks she has dropped the ball. She's put her own life before her duties at the hospital. During the deliberations, Mickey, Julie and Victor all defend Lexie's actions and work ethic. Eleanor is not questioning Dr. Carver's medical performance, only her leadership skills as Chief of Staff. Lexie gives a strong speech about how she has let her duties suffer because of her son's needs, but she has never let her patients suffer. She admits she has not been the best Chief of Staff which is why she is going to step down and focus on her private practice and her family.

Lexie goes home and learns that Abe has resigned as Police Commissioner. She tells Abe that she resigned as Chief of Staff but still has medical privileges as the hospital. Abe is glad she still has a job considering he quit. He has been asked to consult in the private sector. Theo finishes his train puzzle and says: choo-choo. They are both blown away.

Bo and Hope learn from Nicole how she married Trent under her porn name of Misty Circle. The marriage turned ugly and Nicole left, assuming Trent had filed for divorce. She went back to her maiden name and only recently discovered she was still married to Trent.

Kate is coughing as a nurse attends to her. Philip calls Lucas to come to the hospital. Kate tries to tell him she's fine, but both of her sons disagree. Kate goes off for tests and Philip gets his laptop. Lucas and Philip discuss their relationships with Chloe and Morgan. Philip asks Lucas what his plans are. Lucas says he needs to find a job and Philip wonders if he'd like to come back to Titan. Lucas accepts Philip's offer. Kate returns from having a chest X-ray scan and wants to leave. Philip informs Kate they're having a family meeting. He hits a button on his computer and sets up an ichat with Austin and Billie. They need to talk to their mom and convince her to stay and find out what's wrong. Kate finally agrees. Daniel looks at Kate's X-ray and is thrown. This can't be right. He tells the nurse to get the X-rays to the pulmonologist immediately.

In the pub, Max rushes in and punches Trent in the face. He yells at Trent about how Claude nearly raped Melanie. Before Trent can defend his actions, Melanie enters calling Trent a liar and slaps him in the face. Melanie goes off on Trent about how he used her. Trent ends up insulting Max, who loses it. He breaks a bottle and brings it close to Trent's neck. Steve and Kayla try to talk Max down after he threatens to kill his father. Caroline steps up and reminds Max of the father who raised him. She tells him Shawn is watching; don't do this. Max lowers the bottle and Trent tells Bo and Hope he wants his son arrested for attempted murder. Nick tells Trent if he presses charges against Max he will tell everyone at the university what he did to his daughter. Bo lays into Max for getting violent. Max says he was trying to protect his family. Melanie steps up and tells Trent she hates him and she should kill him herself because he deserves to die.

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