Days of our Lives Bryan Dattilo in Salem on February 29th!

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Bryan Dattilo (Lucas, Days of our Lives) (c)Kathy HutchinsFan favorite and very missed, Bryan Dattilo returns to Days of our Lives on Wednesday, February 29 to help pick up some of the pieces his family has created since his departure.

Dattilo couldn't be happier being back in Salem. He is geared up and ready to make order out of the chaos that his family has been experiencing in his absence. Just think. He'll have a lot on his plate: A son who is struggling with his sexuality. An ex wife, soulmate(?), who is again in trouble love-wise, and a very domineering mother who has to have everything done her way.

Soapdom caught up with Dattilo a few weeks ago and found out a few very cool things that he's been up to since leaving Salem.

"I got married!" he bellowed, "and I am pretty much a full time dad."

Dattilo loves hanging with his 12-year old son. "He is in the 6th grade," the proud pop shared with Soapdom. "I was the flag football coach -- two practices and two games a week. Now it's basketball season and all those sports will keep you busy. There is always homework to do with him." But the young Dattilo has other things in mind. "'Dad let's go play basketball, let's ride bikes.' He always wants to do something," Dattilo notes fondly.

In addition to fathering, Dattilo got into some construction and did various and sundry things to pay the bills, along with going out on auditions. But as he tried to further his acting career, "I hoped someday that Days would have me back."

He got his wish! Now that he's in town, expect to see Lucas interacting with Kate, Sami and Will, and Will's coming out storyline. But does Lucas know about his son's sexual preferences before returning to Salem?

Chandler Massey (Will), Alison Sweeney (Sami) and Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) of Days of our Lives (c) Kathy Hutchins

"Sami asked Lucas back because her life is falling apart," Dattilo shared. "She is worried about Will but she is not specific about what's going on. He has no idea -- at first -- that Will is gay. He just knows that Will has been going through some tough times. He feels a little guilty that he hasn't been there for him, so he wants to come back and be there for him anyway he can."

Naturally, Sami is definitely happy to have Lucas home, "but he often holds up the mirror in front of Sami, and she doesn't always like what she hears from him because it is usually the truth."

We also learned that Kate is thrilled to have Lucas back in Salem. "She always wants her babies around her," Dattilo said. "She's a momma bear. Needs her cubs."

Dattilo is also excited about the prospect of working with the new creative team. "The writers did a great job with tying Lucas into the whole scenario of Kate and Sami's recent bonding," he said.

As Dattilo is a loving and dedicated father in real life, he especially wants to see Lucas be more instrumental in Will's life.

"What I'd like to see happen for Lucas is for him to step up as a dad. That is a big priority for him," said Dattilo. "Being present for his kids. I am a pretty good dad, myself. I am kinda like the older brother/dad. And Lucas wants to be that for Will. He also wants to be there for Sami as well. He wants to investigate that relationship as well to see if it's not dead, to see if there is any life there."

Bryan Dattilo and Alison Sweeney (Lucas and Sami, Days of our Lives)You mean there could be hope for a Sami/Lucas romance redux?

"You never know with Sami and Lucas. There is always a sexual tension in the air. He definitely has a few obstacles right now, but they have the ultimate history, so he feels that he has a leg up there."

Soapdom reached out to our Tweeps and got their questions answered. Did your question make the list?

@AprilBlessing: What prompts Lucas's return to Salem?

"Sami asks him to come home, and he does."

@dinahleigh: What is the 1st thing comes to your mind when think about Ali? As a person. Sami as a character?

"Ali: Powerful professional.
Sami: Trouble, trouble, trouble. Good or bad, there is always some trouble."

@KNJ728: Can we expect Lucas to kick some booty when he comes back to Salem? (or get some booty?)

"There is definitely some booty to be kicked. He is chomping at the bit to do that."

@Luvinglumi: If he knows where Lucas will be living when he returns to Salem? Bench at HTS? The Horton House?Sami's? lol

"I don't know about the bench, that is not Lucas' style. He can't stay with his mom, because that would be too much of a momma's boy, so either the Horton House, a very expensive hotel, or Sami's. Those would be my choices."

@HaleyluvsLumi: Ask @Bryan_Dattilo how his character is going to be different than the Lucas we knew for all these years!

"He is a more mature grounded, stronger Lucas. More assertive. Less victimized."

@DreamchaserT: You said you wanted to put more of You into the character, freedom of expression. Will you be allowed to now?

"Yes, I have been able to do that. It's made the character more interesting and rewarding to play. And I hope, more rewarding to watch."

Both @Topazcenta and @partnerslove asked:

When is your first airdate?

Bryan Dattilo begins airing as Lucas Wednesday, Feburary, 29th – Leap Year Day! Be sure to tune in to see how his return to Salem affects his family and others in town.

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