Days of our Lives Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes' new novel, Trumpet

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Susan and Bill Hayes (Julie and Doug, Days of our Lives)Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes, Doug and Julie of daytime television's Days of our Lives, are at it again. This time, they've graduated from telling tales of life on the set of Days to their debut novel, Trumpet.  Full of fascinating facts researched on site, Trumpet is an historical romp through the theatrical world of the Regency Era. The adventures of heroine Elizabeth Trumpet, from innocence to experience, include famous characters of the time. Trumpet's conflicts with love and fame in history's most elegant yet brutal age mirror women's struggles in our own turbulent times.

Hayes and Hayes enthusiastically spent their lives acting; this wealth of wit and experience colors every page. Their enticing fiction moves from 1803 London to Egypt, the blossoming America and beyond with heartfelt emotion and adventurous fun - just like the romantic scenes Bill and Susan love to play.

The novel is published by Decadent Publishing whose co-owner, Heather Bennet, states: "Bill and Susan's television fans will be ecstatic with Trumpet's colorful cast of characters and the actors' famous sense of humor that shines through in the story.  Historical fiction aficionados will find the depth of research and rich characterization impressive."

Trumpet is now available in ebook format at Decadent Publishing, Bono Books and Amazon.  The print version will be released in May.