Days of our Lives Bill and Susan Hayes New Steamy Epic Novel

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Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Days of our Lives)

By Mark Edward Wilows

Just when you thought they did it all, Bill and Susan Hayes (Doug and Julie) of Days of our Lives have now added a spicy epic historical novel to their long list of credentials.

"Trumpet" (published by Decadent) is about a character named, Lizzie Trumpet. The title comes from an Italian translation. A struggling actress, who wants to be on the London stage. The setting is 1803 during the Regency Period.

The road for Lizzie is long with many bumps. She meets the talented, but oh so very dangerous, Jack Faversham, creating a bad situation for her.

She then flees to Egypt, where she meets Giovanni Belzoni, and her brother, who is up against Napoleon in war. And she encounters many interesting people of that era in her journey.

"I have to tell you, much research has gone into this book. Bill and I traveled the world. We visited all these places," Susan Hayes said. "This book has seven years of research and writing and the last two years focused heavily on the writing. Bill and I spent countless hours in books and museums."

The Hayes' have always been interested in History. Some may say they are history aficionados.

Susan was actually a history major in college. "Whenever we travel, it's always the history end we look for," they both noted. And of course, both Bill and Susan have an extensive theatrical background.

Heather Bennett, co-owner of Decadent Publishing said, "From the first, I found Bill and Susan engaging. At our initial meeting, we shared an extended lunch where they told me of their research exploits around the world. That, in itself, is entertaining and fascinating, and it translates to 'Trumpet' beautifully. I've rarely met a couple so in tune with each other, with so much energy and 'verve' for life."

Bennett also said that Bill and Susan have been storytellers all their life. They understand what makes a good drama, when levity is appropriate, and the value of a great love scene. They're also well read and ambitious enough to assuage their curiosity by poking into dusty stacks and climbing around ruins and museum archives. Talent + research = fantastic fiction.

After reading "Trumpet," it is guaranteed that you will be enthralled with a few gasps a long the way.

You will be there for the highs and lows, and even in between.

The characters very much come alive, and half are fictional and half are real. In fact, some are named after members of the Hayes family. The story covers an 18-year span.

"I believe some we know" Bill Jokes. "Also, I'm so proud of the wedding night in the story. I actually dreamt it and just got up in the middle of the night at 3 am and wrote the dialog."

Susan added that what the reader will enjoy is the era with its glory, charm, and mystic. "This was a delightful period. I'm mesmerized. It was great clothes, people had great manners, and this all just pops out at you."

The book is also a bit erotic with a little twist of spice. The Hayes believe that those are the ingredients people want. is loved on TV soaps and that is what people enjoy reading.

"On every page there is so much of Bill and I. And every page is just filled with a lot of heart and emotion," Susan said.

Bill agrees. "Susan and I put everything in to this book. This book was thoughtfully played out and written."

The Hayes' have written "Like Sands Through The Hourglass," their memoir, in 2005, but said that this book was much more fun then writing about themselves.

Both agreed that they really enjoyed writing this book and discovered that writing was another one of their talents brought to life.

Soapdom wants to know will more books be in the future? And how does Trumpet fare in the story? Well, the publisher has possed the idea. We both believe we will wait and see. And as for Trumpet, keep reading."

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Trumpet will be available in print by early June at, and Amazon soon afterward. It's currently available in ebook at Decadent Publishing and Smashwords