Days of our Lives' Arianne Zucker takes aim with Arrow Heart

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Arianne Zucker (Nicole, Days of our Lives) is cheered on by campersDays of our Lives and the Ken Corday Foundation have reaffirmed their commitment to making a difference in teen lives through a major sponsorship of $25,000 that just launched the ARROW-HEART Adventure Camps.

Arianne Zucker, two time Emmy nominee, and her brother Todd Zucker are co-founders of ARROW-HEART. Through an exciting and challenging outdoor adventure camp experience ARROW-HEART equips teens at a crossroads with the survival skills to build a sense of self-worth, take responsibility for their lives, and ultimately, become an asset in their communities.

"Our philosophy is to cultivate critical thinking skills through a character and team building structure rooted in our six C's: character, commitment, communication, critical thinking, credibility and compassion," said Todd Zucker.

Arianne Zucker has played the role of Nicole Walker on Days of our Lives since 1998. The founding of ARROW-HEART with her brother Todd was the natural extension of her deep passion for making a difference in the lives of teens. Says Arianne: "I believe mentorship through a challenging camp experience connects us to the simplicity of the outdoors while providing the opportunity to build a strong sense of self-worth. These kids are our future and with the encouragement of our camp it is our mission to inspire them to be productive members of a world community."

The ARROW-HEART Adventure Camps team consists of:

· Arianne Zucker, Creator/ Co-Founder and CEO

· Todd Zucker, Creator/ Co-Founder and Board Vice-President/School Administrator

· Steve Fenske, Executive Director/ Board President/Law Enforcement

· Billie DeYoung, Board Treasurer/Accountant

· Shawn Christian, Marketing/Branding, Daniel Jonas/Days of Our Lives

· Philippe Van Den Bossche, Fundraising

Days of our Lives and the Ken Corday Foundation sponsorship contributions go a long way towards meeting the $150,000 2013 fundraising goal of ARROW-HEART, which opened its doors on September 28 in Weiser, Idaho.

During kick-off weekend, campers and ARROW-HEART team members also participated in an adventurous ropes course. Shawn Christian elaborates, "Watching these kids high in the air on the ropes course building a sense of trust in one another and us was an inspiring first day of camp." Arianne Zucker can be seen below about to make a daring leap.

Happy Campers--To kick off ARROW-HEART Adventure Camps, members of Wieser City Police and Washington County Sheriffs played a softball game with camp goers!

Arianne describes her experience—"This camp is incredible for everyone involved, including myself. I have a very big fear of heights and when I was up on the ropes course and felt I couldn't make the leap from the platform to the triangle bar all the kids were encouraging me to do it and I had only known them for an hour. If we can build this kind of team work within these teens in one day, imagine what we could do in ten months."

We're also happy to announce that Washington County is allowing juveniles on probation to fulfill community service hours at ARROW-HEART Adventure Camps.

The NEXT ADVENTURE for the ARROW-HEART teens involves a CROSS FIT session, after which the campers will be challenged with the engineering of catapults for the PUMPKIN LAUNCH and a thrilling team building GHOST HUNTERS adventure.

To learn more about camp activities, its mission and philosophy and about how you can help contribute to the ARROW-HEART program please visit:

 Arianne Zucker (Nicole, Days of our Lives) about to take a daring leap.