Days of our Lives Arianne Zucker on EJ, PR, and LifeChange

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Arianne Zucker (Nicole, Days of our Lives) (c)SOAPDOM/LMSArianne Zucker (Nicole, Days of our Lives) is a great friend to  She once contributed a number of columns to our Look Like a Soap Star feature.  It’s always such a pleasure to catch up with her, and this time we did it on my wedding anniversary.  

“Happy Anniversary,” Zucker bellowed when I shared the news.

After we got the anniversary chit chat out of the way, the first thing we discussed was Nicole and EJ and the fact that  EJ wants to lure Nicole back into his web by trying to convince her to be his publicist.  After evaluating the situation, Nicole agrees but wants to keep things purely business.  How long will that last?

“I think as independent as Nicole wants to be, there is a fire between the two of them and that doesn’t just go away.  So, I think she knows – she has got to be smart enough, she knows he is up to something asking her to be his PR person because she knows him so well. There is a part of Nicole who wants to say no to him, that’s why she wants to keep it purely business, and she needs a job.”

But Nicole has no public relations experience, I quickly pointed out. Only in soapdom can one be offered a job without having the credentials to back it up. Zucker disagreed.  

“She hasn’t done PR before, but she was CEO of Titan when she was married to Victor.  I believe that she has a street smart business sense. She knows EJ I think better than any other PR person (would), and she knows he’s wooing her for some reason. No one knows him like Nicole does. And Nicole can turn the other cheek when it comes to Stefano and EJ’s ‘business.’ Nicole will figure out a way to do it.”

As the storyline develops, EJ is running for Mayor. His opponent?  None other than Abe. Not only does he have a big fish to tackle, he is being rather secretive about his plans to run.  “He didn’t bother telling his own family or his sister so they could prepare,” shared Zucker. “There is going be tons of drama.”

Ah yes. We love it when they write drama into daytime drama.  Which led me to my next question.  What excites Zucker about the Days of our Lives reboot?  

“I am a big believer in change,” she enthused.  “And I think that even as an individual, you have to reinvent yourself and that’s what Days is doing.  With that, as scary as it can be for anyone and everyone, I just believe it’s positive, amazing, and I am thankful to be a part of it.”

Zucker next shared that she has seen a big change in the storytelling for Nicole already.

“For sure. I think she’s gone from making decisions on a whim to actually thinking about her future and who she is as a person,” said Zucker.  She is showing more character exploration. I believe that is the writers’ goal -- giving the actors the gift of writing for the characters.”

“For myself, when you get a script and you see it is character driven – oh my goodness, there is so much you can do with that. I believe that when you love a scene or an episode the words just sort of fall out of your mouth. The audience sees that. They see that truth.

“Also, I think it’s when you write a story driven show, there’s gotta be (my own personal opinion) there has to be a beginning, a climax, an end --- a big end, and those are difficult to tell. With a cast of 33, those are a little harder to tell. With character stories, it gives the writers a chance to explore the characters they are writing for. Which a lot of the time means less actors are working – I am not saying that’s what happening now, but when you are writing for characters you are creating this beautiful story that people want to watch.”

Along with totally enjoying the current storytelling on Days of our Lives, Zucker has just completed filming a documentary in Boise, Idaho.  “You never know what’s gonna happen.  We scheduled a day – we hit a bump or two – but from there it was awesome. It was such a high,” she shared with Soapdom regarding the shoot.

Zucker is also partners with Jason Cook (ex Shawn, Days of our Lives, currently Matt, General Hospital) on  Their mission, simply put, to change the lives of six young adults.  

“We have a search going right now,” Zucker said, “so people can upload video to the website. It tells you how. We’ll even be going to London and other places.  We are doing this grass roots.  We did about 20 in Boise, shot two young adults while we were there.”

Oh and that documentary we mentioned earlier?  Its title is LifeChange.

Far as a shout out to her fans, Zucker exclaimed:  

“Keep rooting for my girl, Nicole, to make some changes in her life. I love you guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting Nicole for almost 14 years.”

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