Charles Shaughnessy Returns To His Roots

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Charles Shaughnessy (Shane, Days of our Lives) (c)Soapdom/LMSBy Mark Edward Wilows

"It's like coming back home" is how Charles Shaughnessy (Shane Donovan) describes his recent visit back to Days of our Lives. "It really is! It was like a big family reunion, and just great to see everyone and old friends as well. In some ways it is like I never left. A part of me has always been there."

Shaughnessy returned back for a 10- day stint resuming his role as an ISA Agent. "They (the Days of our Lives powers that be) called and asked -- do I want to come diffuse a bomb? I was like...why of course!" he jokes.

In the 1980's Shaughnessy was known as one-half of a soaps "Super Couple" (along with his then TV wife, Patsy Peace (Kim Brady). It was a magical storyline and they even had their own theme song "Friends and Lovers," sung by Carl Anderson and Gloria Loring (ex-Liz) of Days of our Lives. He was a member of the Days canvas for eight years.

Now down to the nitty gritty...

Soapdom wants to know: Do you miss being a regular, and are you still in touch with Patsy Peace? "Oh absolutely. It's a great job. If the opportunity ever presented itself, I'm on board."  Shaughnessy said. (Days are you listening?)  As for I never hear from her. I know she moved out of town. However, we are Facebook friends."

Shaughnessy recalls the popularity of playing Shane, but said, it might be hard to recapture that moment in time. "You know...we all move on. I have moved on, the audience has move on. It would be fun to rekindle a bit of the past, but in a different way, if you know what I mean. Also, I'm an actor. It's an actors life. I'm always waiting for new adventures (and I'm) looking into a lot of things now. One never knows, but Yes! I'd come back to Days."

Shaughnessy also stars in the Web series "The Bay," where he plays the role of Elliot Sanders, and he's having a fun time doing it. "Oh gosh yes! I love it. It's very creative with a talented cast (of many soap actors). It is completely different from TV soaps, or sitcoms, or episodic TV. This moves fast. It's quick." he adds.(The series has been nominated for an Emmy for director, Gregori J. Martin).

Shaughnessy also appears on Nickelodeon's "Victorious." And of course, everyone remembers him as Mr. Sheffield, from the hit sitcom "The Nanny," where he played opposite Fran Drescher. He also co-owns along with his brother David, (director, of Bold and Beautiful) an Internet business called "3 S Media Solutions," a very interactive technology site.

"I am a huge fan of the Internet. I see it as the direction that TV is going in," Shaughnessy said. "I really think that this will be a new market for soaps. It's very interactive. Communicating with each other. Live chats, and audience participation. Something you can't do with TV. I think we need to find finances and take this seriously."

Soapdom you have anything to say to your fans? "Yes! Thank You for your support. Being faithful. I feel like it's picking up old relationships. Again...Thanks!"

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