Casting Coup ~ A Gladiator Guest Stars on Days of our Lives March 14

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NBC mixes primetime with daytime. Read with caution. Contains scoopage!


Mike O'Hearn (Titan, Gladiator, bartender, DOOL)NBC Daytime is asking -- "Are viewers 'Gladiator ready?'" Find out when Mike O’Hearn -- also known as gladiator “Titan” on NBC’s “American Gladiators” -- will guest-star on “Days of our Lives” on Friday, March 14. 2008.

Soapdom is certainly intrigued by this crossover.  Here's how it's going to play out:

Chelsea Brady (Rachel Melvin) is found drowning her sorrows over the recent tragedies of the Brady family at Salem’s local bar.  Chelsea's grandmother, Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow), tries to stop her from drinking. She explains to her that she's not the cause of the Brady family's losses but Chelsea won't listen. 

Enter the strapping bartender, played by "American Gladiators'” O’Hearn. He offers Chelsea some coffee to sober her up but she refuses and storms out of the bar.  Later, Chelsea’s brother, Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer), and sister-in-law, Belle Brady (Martha Madison), show up at the bar searching for Chelsea and the helpful bartender advises them to get in touch with Kate.

The scoop on O’Hearn is as follows:  He began competing in bodybuilding at the age of 15. Today, he is known to many as the larger-than-life Titan on “American Gladiators,” but to the world of fitness he is a four-time Mr. Universe champion, four-time power-lifting champion, seven-time Fitness Male Model of the Year -- and has also held the title of Iron Warrior:  Decathlon of Strength Strongman Champion. 

O’Hearn’s acting credits include a leading role in the just released “National Lampoon TV –The Move,” “Barbarian,” “Keeper of Time” and coming out this Spring “Tumblers” and “Captain Ultimate.”  In addition, women around the world might also recognize him as the cover model for Topaz romance novels.  Could he be on a path to be the Governor of California down the line? Afterall, another Mr. Universe turned actor turned politician did just that!

Oh and for those of you keeping score, NBC's "Days of our Lives" celebrated its 42nd year on the air in November 2007 and has already garnered numerous Emmy Awards and nominations, as well as multiple "Soap Opera Digest" and "People's Choice" Awards.  The show's success derives from its consistent commitment to excellence in writing and storytelling -- supported by a diverse ensemble of performers -- and an uncanny knack for anticipating viewer interests. Set in the fictitious Midwestern town of Salem, the core families, the Hortons and the Bradys, are part of an eternal saga that can include anything from demonic possessions and serial killers to genre traditions such as baby switches, amnesia and classic love triangles. "Days of our Lives" is produced by Corday Productions, Inc., in association with Sony Pictures Television.