Camila Banus Likes To Show Some Sassiness

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Camila Banus, Gabi, Days of our Lives

By Mark Edward Wilows

She found out that her boyfriend is gay. Then she went after another guy. But he already has a girlfriend. So what's a girl to do? Well... the only logical thing. Pretend you are being stalked, to win the other guys attention.

The problem? The other guy doesn't want her. Now, the stalker kidnaps the other guys girl to get her out of the way. Confused? For Camila Banus, who plays Gabi Hernandez on Days of our Lives, it's all in a days work.

"I believe Gabi has cracked from all the pressure. I have always been a good girl. I would do anything for anyone. But look at her life? My boyfriend is gay. My sister died. My brother moved to Argentina, and my mom is nowhere around," Banus explains. "I guess Gabi has never been the same. She blamed herself for everything and then began to fabricate things. I'm mean really....the girl needs to be looked into."

In real life, Banus loves the character, saying that playing the bad girl is "fun." She likes the fire and sassiness. "Oh absolutely. Without that, it would be boring. I think when you go bad it makes it interesting for the show and viewer."

Banus is used to playing those type of characters. In 2008, she played Lola on One Life to Live. "I mean I was bad," she said.

Soapdom wants to know, are you anything like what you play on TV?   "Oh God! No! I am really a nice person, and I want everyone to know that so is Gabi. She has a heart. She is a bit icy for now, but be patient."

Banus enjoys acting and the entertainment business. Originally from Florida, she began doing commercials at a young age and just grew into the business. Her aspiration is to work in films.

She recently completed "Counterpunch," an independent film. She plays Talia Portillo, a boxing promoter's (main character) love interest. "It was such fun to do, and I'm hoping that the film will get picked up."

Banus said that working on Days of our Lives is a learning experience that requires a lot of work and pressure, but believes that is what is needed to make a good show.

"I still recall my first day. Talk about being nervous. I was super nervous. I didn't know what to expect, "Banus said. "I was immediately thrown into the memorial for my sister who died. It was like wow! And working with Galen Gering (Rafe) has been wonderful. He's my brother on screen, and like my big brother off screen. The entire cast is just amazing."

Banus tells Soapdom how much she appreciates the fans. "Yes! I want to thank them. They have been with the show through thick and thin. I understand that every storyline cannot be great, but they stick with us, and again...for that I thank them."

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