Y&R Fans, Enter the Soapdom “I Survived Clear Springs” T-Shirt Contest

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CONTEST OVER. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners.


Clear Springs logoBeginning Friday, October 19, 2007 a catastrophic event occurs at Clear Springs that will change the lives of many of Genoa City’s finest.  Take our Soapdom Clear Springs quiz and respond by November 15, 2007.  All correct responses will be entered to win an official “I Survived Clear Springs” t-shirt.  We have three, maybe four, tees to give away!

Just answer these five questions and email your answers to Soapdom via our Contact Form , with “I Survived Clear Springs” as the subject. 

Hint: Tune in to The Young & the Restless beginning October 19 and use Soapdom's search functions, Episode Guides, Sneak Peeks and First Looks to find the answers. 

Submit your responses as follows:

Say the question was:  Victor Newman is about to divorce which Genoa City woman?

a) Katherine
b) Phyllis
c) Lauren
d) Nikki
e) Amber

….you would submit your answer as follows:

1. d

Clear Springs T-ShirtHere are your questions. Good luck!

Clear Springs was supposed to be the dream destination, an upscale retail mecca of fashion and fine dining, the vacation retreat where every whim is catered to and the residential development of the future. But in a stunning reversal of fortune, Clear Springs becomes a 21st century American nightmare. See the promo video.

When the dust clears, the question becomes who survived, who gets out alive, who sacrifices and who values their own life more than the lives of others? 

Guess who rises from the ashes and be entered to win your very own official “I Survived Clear Springs” T-Shirt!

1)    Jack, Sharon and Nick are trapped together. Despite the animosity that exists between them, they are forced into a situation that results in two of them being freed and the third staying behind to fight for survival.  Who stays behind?
a)    Jack
b)    Sharon
c)     Nick

2)    Cane and another man are caught underground with Kay.  They devise a dangerous plan to save her.  Who helps Cane in the attempt to save Katherine?
a)    JT
b)    Victor
c)    Jack

3)    Lauren, Paul and Maggie await rescue with an injured child.  While the building comes down around them, old terrors resurface, along with the possibility of a rekindled romance.  Which two of the three ignite romantic sparks?
a)    Lauren and Paul
b)    Maggie and Paul
c)    Lauren and Maggie

4)    Above ground, loved ones wait and agonize, assisting the efforts by bringing in high-tech equipment and comforting friends.  Who works with rescue personnel to build a website to track the survivors?
a) Victor
b) Kevin
c) Michael

5)    Just as it appears that rescue personnel have the situation under control, getting people out and saving lives, what happens to cause even more tragedy?
a)    the person responsible for the collapse kills himself and takes several other lives with his own
b)    the weakened structural integrity of the building causes it to collapse even more trapping rescue personal and further injuring those already inside.
c)    a mega explosion causes concerned bystanders to lose their lives.

According to TPTB at Y&R, the tragedy at Clear Springs will be a true testament of survival, strength and grace under fire. Who will make it out of the ashes?  Tune in to the Young and the Restless to find out.  See the promo video.

Those who answer all the questions correctly will be placed in a random drawing to win their very own “I Survived Clear Springs” t-shirt.  Your chances will depend on how many correct responses we receive.   You may enter up to five times during the contest.  Anything in excess of five entries per individual email will be discarded.  Be sure to include an accurate return email address so that we may reach you should you be one of the lucky winners!  Judges' decision final. 

Contest ends midnight ET, November 15, 2007.