Vilasuso, Martines, Taylor, Saum Star in Casting Shuffl

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Soaps to see a shift in talent

Jordi Vilasuso (Tony)Ending months of speculation, it has been confirmed by a Guiding Light spokesperson that Jordi Vilasuso (Tony Santos) will leave the show when his contract expires this summer. And that the role of Tony Santos will be recast.

Vilasuso surprised the media by announcing his plans to depart GL after winning Outstanding Younger Actor at this year's Daytime Emmy Awards. But then later seemed to reconsider his decision. (Apparently a pilot the actor had filmed for the fall television season was not picked up by FOX, but could still appear as a midseason replacement.)

Vilasuso had also stated during his post-Emmy interview that Guiding Light executives had already contacted a performer that they wanted to succeed him, though he declined to name names. Immediately internet gossip selected former General Hospital star, Coltin Scott (ex-Nikolas Cassadine) as the frontrunner for Vilasuso's role.

Stephen Martines (aka, Coltin Scott as Nikolas, GH)Scott - who is now going by his birthname of Stephen Martines - has, in fact, been tapped by Guiding Light to take over the role upon Vilasuso's exit. Scott appeared as Nikolas Cassadine on ABC's General Hospital from 1999 to 2003, until he was replaced by his predecessor in the role. Martines' rep explains that the actor made the decision to revert to his birth name following the death of his father.

Vilasuso, who originated the role of Tony Santos in August 2000, is expected to make his  last on-air appearance in early to mid-September. A first airdate for Martines has not yet been determined.

Paul Taylor (Isaac, ATWT)Emmy nominated actor Paul Taylor (Isaac Jenkins), who created the role of Issac Jenkins in 1999,  has been released from As The World Turns. 

Taylor received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actor for his portrayal of Ben's streetwise younger brother in 2001, but the character's screen time has diminished in the last few months. In addition to his work on the CBS's soap, Taylor has found work in film. Taylor played Cracker Jack in the 2002 film Tinseltown, for which he also served as producer and music supervisor. Taylor partnered with attorney Kevin Del Vecchio for the film. He also appeared as Leon in The Painting that same year. Most recently, Taylor's been writing and creating music for several media-related projects.

Taylor is scheduled to tape his final As The World Turns scenes on August 6th, with a final air date coming in early September. The role of Isaac will not be recast.

Sherri Saum (Keri)Across town on another network, it looks like OLTL could be losing another castmember. Though a network spokesperson refused to confirm the actress' exit, rumours persist that Sherri Saum (Keri Reynolds) will be leaving One Life to Live later this year.

Saum's Keri joined the cast of One Life to Live in November 2001 and she remained in the foreground as a front burner character - until earlier this year. Beginning in February and lasting most of the spring, Saum had very little on-screen time. Her character was presumed dead and, except for a few phone calls, Saum was nowhere to be seen. Online fans have speculated that the actress would not return to Llanview, but even when Saum returned to the screen, talk of her impending exit continued to swirl.
Prior to joining One Life to Live, Saum appeared as Vanessa Hart on the since-canceled NBC soap Sunset Beach. Saum has also appeared on Charmed and Girlfriends as well as having appeared in feature films such as Finding Home.
When contacted for a comment a OLTL spokesperson stated that; "[Saum's] story is building to a major climax,"  The spokesperson advises fans to tune in to find out whether or not Keri will be exiting the show.