Tonja Walker Returns as David Fumero Says Buh Bye

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Walker takes short-term role and Fumero calls it quits at OLTL

John Conboy (GL EP)Ex OLTLer to Springfield as Current OLTLer Leaves Llanview

Soap vet Tonja Walker-Davidson (ex-Alex, OLTL) is back on daytime. The favorite actress will join the cast of Guiding Light in the short-term role of Marie Green beginning Oct. 3, 2003.   

Davidson was hand-picked by GL executive producer John Conboy (shown at right) whom she worked with on Capitol, to play Marie.

"He told me it wasn't a very big role, so he wasn't sure if I'd be interested, but I was just thrilled he called me," she shares. "I hadn't seen him in a long time."

Davidson, who was nominated for a Tony this spring as associate producer of the Broadway play "Enchanted April," is keeping her day job. She's secured the rights for the Florida tour of "Enchanted April," and she's gearing up to produce the independent feature "Stranglehold."

With a multitude of projects throughout the eastern seaboard, the busy actress is racking up her frequent flier miles. "My daughter's in kindergarten, so I think it's about time I get back to work," she declares.

David Fumero (Cristian)As Davidson heads to Guiding Light, David Fumero (Cristian, OLTL) will be departing One Live to Live in October - and this time he's really leaving.

Two years ago, Fumero first announced his intentions to leave the fictional town of Llanview, Pennsylvania. Gary Tomlin, then the executive producer of One Life to Live, convinced the fan -favorite actor to stick around the show for another contract cycle. According to Fumero, Tomlin pestered him "every day, trying to convince me to stay." Tomlin's persistence obviously won out and Fumero inked a new contract that kept him on the show.
In making his decision to leave One Life to Live this time, Fumero expressed a desire to "move on" to other projects. One Life to Live was Fumero's first acting job - and Fumero had never expected to be an actor. "I was planning to be an architect or engineer," Fumero states.

Exactly what is next for Fumero isn't exactly known but he is expected to relocate from New York to the West Coast to pursue primetime projects. Coincidentally, Fumero's off-and-on girlfriend, Erin Torpey (ex-Jessica Buchanan, One Life to Live) is now living there.  Fumero will last air in late October and the role of Cristian will not be recast.

How will the character of Cristian be written off the show?  We will just have to tune in to find out!