The Lastest on Michael Damian and David Tom

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Damian returns to Y&R but no truth to Tom taking on GL's Shane

\"MichaelMichael Damian (Danny, Y&R) Returns to Genoa City

David Tom (ex Billy, Y&R) Heading to Springfield?  Not!

Beginning November 14th, Michael Damian will reprise his signature role as Danny Romalotti on The Young and the Restless on a recurring basis.
Speculations of Damian\'s return commenced from the moment he first exited the show in 2000. \"We tried to get it together a year ago, but it\'s kind of hard when you\'re living bi-coastal,\" jokes the actor, who just moved back to the states from Paris. Damian did make a brief cameo in a flashback last November. \"It\'s all about timing. Right now the story is intense, and I\'m glad to be back in it.\"

Danny\'s back in Genoa City to check on all the people from his past, including his former wife Christine. \"He\'s concerned for his sister, Gina. Her restaurant burned down, and he\'ll be there for her, but I\'m sure he\'ll make a detour along the way,\" Damian teases. While he can\'t specify how long he\'s staying with the show, the actor stresses, \"We are going to see how it goes.\" Guess they will take it from there.

\"HeatherIn the meantime, the rumor that\'s been heating up the Internet about Emmy winner David Tom (ex Billy, Y&R) assuming the role of Shayne Lewis (Marty West) on Guiding Light is false.
When asked about it, Tom replied, \"That\'s news to me, my manager might have talked to them, but I don\'t think so.\"

The false announcement may stem from sister Heather Tom\'s (Victoria, YR&) recent news of her upcoming departure from The Young and the Restless. \"People might have gotten me confused with what\'s going on with her,\" he theorizes. A GL spokesperson corroborates. \"There\'s no truth to it whatsoever,\" he declares. \"Marty West is not leaving the show.\"

Tom is currently shooting a guest role on Lifetime\'s medical drama, Strong Medicine.