Tale of Two Todds Fini?

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Reports surfacing that contracts are signed.


Roger Howarth (Paul, As the World Turns)Trevor St. John (Todd, One Life to Live)Last week, Soapdom reported that Trevor St. John (Todd, One Life to Live) and Roger Howarth (Paul, As the World Turns; ex Todd, One Life to Live) were both at odds in regard to their respective contract talks.  We speculated that if Roger Howarth did not come to agreeable terms with As the World Turns, and if Trevor St. John  did not sign again with One Life to Live, the possibility for Howarth to return to his former role was not out of the question.

But all speculation aside, looks like we won't see Howarth back in Llanview.  According to our sources, Howarth did indeed agree to terms with the folks over at As the World Turns.  Likewise, Trevor St. John also was made happy by the producers of One Life to Live. 

As ABC and CBS Daytime graciously decline discussing contract negotiations, we are 99.9% sure that for the time being, both St. John and Howarth will be staying put.