Passions Nabs Laugh In's Ruth Buzzi!

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Nurse Kravitz takes on Harmony as only Ruth Buzzi can

Ruth Buzzi (Nurse Kravitz, PAS)Buzzi Buzzes to Harmony

Read with Caution - - Contains Scoopage

Ruth Buzzi joins the cast of PASSIONS in the recurring role of “Nurse Kravitz,” the sweet nurse who is assigned to take care of witch Tabitha’s (played by Juliet Mills) new infant daughter (witch) Endora!

The Passions comedy doesn’t stop as Baby Endora takes great pleasure in wrecking havoc with Nurse Kravitz in the hospital nursery! 

Buzzi was one of only four people to appear in EVERY episode of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In, including the special in 1967.  The other three people were Dan Rowan, Dick Martin and Gary Owens.  She was also a series regular on the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts series.  Buzzi has contributed her vocal talents to numerous cartoons and specials and has appeared as “Ruthie” on Sesame Street and The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland.

Buzzi celebrates her birthday on July 24.  Her first airdate as Nurse Kravtz on Passions is Wednesday, August 27, 2003!