One Life to Live's Big Week

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Matt Ashford, Ty Treadway, Heather Tom hit Llanview together!

OLTL introduces a new face — and brings back two familiar ones — this week

Read with caution -- contains scoopage!

Matt Ashford, recently slain Serial Stalker victim Jack Deveraux on NBC's Days of our Lives, and who first starred on OLTL as Drew Ralston in the eighties, is now Dr. Stephen Haver, a psychology professor at Llanview University. What does he teach?  A rather provocative subject matter!

"All the students want take to take human sexuality with him," Ashford chuckles.

Here's the set up for the character.  Haver, who's been knocking around Llanview "for a couple of years," comes to the aid of Jessica, who's approached him for advice. "She wants to talk to me about a professor who wants to trade sex with this one student for grades," explains Ashford. "I say we have to turn him in right away."

Dr. Haver's expertise also ties him to the Music Box Killer search. "He's written books on criminally abhorrent behavior, so he's drawn into the case by the FBI," Ashford says. "And he knows John McBain."

By week's end, Dr. Haver is making his voice heard on campus. "I'm going on the radio, stating that sexual harassment is no joke," he declares. "I have a feeling Stephen has a weakness for publicity." Could he just be a red herring?

Plus, crazy Dr. Troy is out of the big house and back in Llanview when Ty Treadway reprises his role on Dec. 10. And Daytime vet Heather Tom (ex Victoria, Y&R) makes her OLTL debut on Dec. 11 as Kelly Cramer. "It's been great," Tom gushes about her switch to the New York-based soap.  "I'm getting an opportunity to do some really great work."