OLTL's Ty Treadway Returns! Bobbie Eakes to AMC

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Troy's back and AMC gets new character, Krystal. Is she for Tad?

Bobbie Eakes and Ty Treadway Take on ABC Daytime!
The week of December 8, Troy MacIver (Ty Treadway) resurfaces on ABC Daytime's "One Life to Live," and the audience will be left to decide if he's any saner than when he left in August.

In more casting news, a spokesperson for ABC confirms that Bobbie Eakes (ex Macy, B&B) is on her way to Pine Valley!

"One more life to live...I am happy to be coming back to 'One Life to Live' for round three," says Treadway in regard to his return to Llanview. "I was feeling a little homesick for my friends in Llanview. Troy left town after wreaking at bit of havoc, and he will return ready to wreak some more."

Dr. Troy MacIver was last seen in Llanview on August 1. After committing murder, locking up Lindsay Rappaport (Catherine Hickland) in a mental institution and kidnapping former fiancÈe Nora Buchanan (Hillary B. Smith) -- and threatening to end their lives together so they could be united for all eternity -- he was sent to St. Ann's, then sentenced to the psychiatric ward at Statesville Prison.

Mr. Treadway will continue to co-host SOAPnet's daily talk show, "Soap Talk," with Lisa Rinna. He will shoot "One Life to Live" during the week in New York City and commute to Los Angeles to shoot "SoapTalk" on Fridays and Saturdays.

Ty Treadway created the role of "One Life to Live's" handsome, enigmatic Dr. Troy MacIver in August 2001. Mr. Treadway played Troy's dangerous twin brother, Colin, from May 2000 -- March 2001, when the character met an untimely demise.

Bobbie Eakes to All My Children

Bobbie Eakes (ex Macy, B&B) heading to AMC comes as a surprise to soapdom.   It is reported that she will play a character called Krystal, Babe's mom!  Look for her to show up in Pine Valley sometime in November.

Bobbie Eakes as Macy, B&BEakes had only recenly returned to B&B as Macy after a 3-year absence. Mere days ago, Macy was seriously injured  when her song was cut short by a falling chandelier in Oscar's (Brian Gaskill) club.  According to the show, the character was set to be off the canvas for a while, but it appeared she would return. Although B&B has no official comment on Eakes rather abrupt departure, it  does seem that her switching of shows and coasts came as a bit of a surprise to them.  More on Bobbie Eakes to AMC