DOOL Casts NuBelle!

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Teen horror movie star takes on role of Salem sweetheart

Days of our Lives has a new Belle! 

It was announced today that the role of Belle has now been recast with Charity Rahmer.

Rahmer is no stranger to teen angst. She has appeared in a number of horror films including Leeches and Cheerleader Massacre, where apparently she was not afraid to show a little skin.  Or a lot!  It will be interesting to see how the character of Belle develops with Rahmer now in the role. 

As you know, Kirsten Storms, who played Belle for five years (1999-2004) is leaving the soap to pursue a primetime career.  Her new show is called The Club House and will air this fall on CBS.

Charity Rahmer begins taping as Belle on Monday, June 28th and will first be seen on-air Monday, July 19th.