Days Fans Set Your VCRs for Jerry Springer!

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Read with Caution ~ contains Scoopage


Blake Berris, Jerry Springer, Rachel Melvin (Nick, Pete and Chelsea, DOOL)Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!  The audience chant is familiar to Jerry Springer who now will play his cards right in his guest-starring role as a high roller on "Days of our Lives" on July 26 (1-2 p.m. in most markets). 

In this special summer episode (which, as previously reported at, taped July 9th) Nick Fallon (Blake Berris) is at a Las Vegas casino trying his luck at a game of blackjack when he meets skillful gambler Pete (guest star, Springer).  Pete is winning every hand and Nick can't understand where he went wrong.  On the verge of bankruptcy, Pete takes pity upon Nick and shows him how he can win -- and impress the girl of his dreams, Chelsea Brady (Rachel Melvin) at the same time.  Will Nick take Pete's advice?

"In light of the fact that I deal with real life soap operas every day," says Springer, " - it's a total thrill to actually be able to appear on one - particularly of the stature of 'Days of our Lives.'"  After the taping on July 9th, Springer had this to add:  "I had a blast on the set!"

Be sure to tune in Thursday, July 26 to catch Springer in action.