As the World Turns Could Get Andy Williams

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The crooner hopes to get his "Turn"


Andy WilliamsAndy Williams is thrilled that the producers of the CBS daytime drama “As The World Turns” are considering using not only him for a cameo role on the show, but using his Moon River Theatre as a location as well when the soap opera comes to Branson, Missouri to shoot a storyline in early June. 

The last time that Williams did any acting on TV was almost a decade ago when he appeared on Garry Shandling’s “The Larry Sanders Show” on HBO. 

Williams noted, “I’m not sure who’s more excited about this, me or my wife.  At that time of year I am going to be so busy doing concerts each day at my theater, getting ready for my bi-annual tour of the United Kingdom which starts two weeks later and overseeing my new restaurant, that I’m not going to have very much free time.  My wife, who’s a big fan of the show, says she’s really rooting for me to get the role as she figures that’s the only way she’ll get a chance to see me.”

Will the powers that be at As the World Turns give Williams his day on the air? We will have to stay tuned to find out.  One thing is certain. Soapdom wishes Williams the best in landing the role.