Apprentice Loser and Doe Go Passions

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Omarosa guest stars; Cathy Jeneén Doe signed to contract role

She's Back!

Talk about overplaying that 15-minutes of fame.  Omarosa, the controversial fired contestant from NBC's The Apprentice, makes a guest appearance on Passions on Thursday, May 27, 2004. 

Just how she will interact with the denizens of Harmony remains to be seen, but knowing the controlled explosions she so frequently caused on The Apprentice, her visit to Harmony is sure to incorporate some surprises.  Be sure to tune in! 

Watch for more new faces to hit Harmony, starting with --
Cathy Jeneén Doe Signed to Contract Role

Newcomer Cathy Jeneén Doe has been cast in the contract role of Simone Russell, Executive Producer Lisa de Cazotte announced in a recent press release. “We conducted extensive auditions and talent tests to find just the right actress to portray Simone and we knew we found her when we met Cathy,” said de Cazotte. 

We don't have to tell you that Simone Russell is the lively, vivacious and jealous sister of Whitney and youngest daughter of Athletic Coach T.C. and Dr. Eve Russell.  As Doe has been given a contract, watch for Simone's storyline to definitely heat up!
Doe was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida and graduated from the University of Florida in Gainesville with a B.S. in Journalism.  Her acting credits include a guest role on NBC’s ‘Ed’ and a recurring role in the Disney series ‘Go Fish.’  Doe is producer and co-writer on an independent film currently in postproduction entitled ‘The Root of all Evil.’  Single, Doe resides in Los Angeles.  Her birthday is November 13.  Doe’s first tape date will be the first week of June 2004.  Her first airdate will be July 23.

Plus --

Houston's The MIX JJ Ryan of The Roula and Ryan Radion Show will guest star on Passions on Monday, May 10, 2004.

Ryan is ½ of Houston’s Morning Drive Team, Roula and Ryan, on 96.5 KHMX-The Mix!  On Passions – he’s the Maitre’ d at the Seascape during the Founder’s Day Dance.  Houston fans don't miss this episode!  For behind the scenes pictures of Ryan on the Passions set visit