Jill Larson

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Jill Larson (Opal, AMC)Emmy Award-nominated stage, film and television actress Jill Larson started on AMC in the role of Opal Gardner Purdy in 1989.  She grew up in Minnesota where she developed a love for acting. As a child, she performed in the living rooms and basements of friends and family. As she grew older, she started producing her own plays and began working professionally at the world-renowned Children’s Theatre Company. During her five years with the company, she remembers a special time when she appeared on a talk show and got to sit on Tony Bennett’s lap!
Years later, Larson enrolled at the University of Minnesota and began singing in nightclubs with a group called Just Us. It wasn’t long before Just Us was discovered and Larson headed to New York City. It was in the Big Apple where she recorded several soundtracks. 
Larson loved the city of New York, but she decided that it was time to see the world and all it had to offer. She and her sister traveled throughout Europe and while in Paris, Larson landed her first film role in “Deadly Trap,” starring Faye Dunaway and Frank Langella. Afterwards, she decided to move back to NYC and enrolled at Hunter College, first majoring in economics and then switching to communications and theatre. 
After graduation, Larson joined Circle in the Square Professional Theatre Workshop and her resume became filled with roles from on and off-Broadway. She also was featured on various film and television shows, including a stint on David Letterman!
In 1986, Larson made her daytime debut on “As the World Turns” and would later go on to star in “One Life to Live.” But her popularity skyrocketed in the role of Opal Gardner Purdy Cortlandt on “All My Children."  Her portrayal has earned her two Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress. 
Several years later, Larson traveled to China and adopted a beautiful baby daughter, Anni-Ming, in 1996. Larson and Anni-Ming reside in Manhattan and spend their weekends at their country home in Pennsylvania. In addition to spending time with her daughter, Larson loves volunteering, cooking and working on home improvement projects.
Jill is 5’8 ½ and celebrates her birthday on October 7th.
While traveling with her sister in Europe, Larson became a model, appearing in some of the world’s top fashion magazines.