Busted to Blissful ~ October 2006

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If only Bridget's baby was Nick's. What's happened to Y&R's Jack?


Lesleyann Coker In this month's Busted to Blissful, Soapdom's Lesleyann Coker is fed up with The Bold & the Beautiful, but she couldn't be more delighted with the turn of events on The Young & the Restless.  What on B&B has busted Coker's bubbles? What is it about Y&R that has put her in bubblicious bubble bliss!  Read on...
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Katherine Kelly Lang & Ronn Moss (Brook & Ridge, B&B)Busted ~
B&B Misses the Boat

I’ve been critical in the past of The Bold and the Beautiful’s decision to make mother and daughter duo, Brooke and Bridget, involved with the same men.  However, since the show seems intent in going in this direction, they missed an ideal opportunity for this flawed story arc to come full circle.

When Brooke’s husband, Nick, slept with her daughter (and his ex-wife), Bridget, because he thought Brooke had gone back to Ridge, it gave the writers an opportunity to pay Brooke back for years of disregarding everyone’s feelings but her own.  When Bridget inevitably became pregnant with what she thought was her mother’s husband’s baby, her pregnancy was serendipitous, since Brooke gave birth to a baby girl with her daughter’s then husband several years ago.  The situation seemed the perfect confluence of history to show Brooke exactly how Bridget had felt, and also in essence, to turn good girl Bridget into her mother.

This fell to the wayside when the show decided to take Bridget’s pregnancy in another direction.  The obvious confrontation between Nick and Brooke ensued, where he confessed his one night stand with Bridget, and that he had gotten her pregnant.  Of course, at the exact same moment, Bridget discovered she was further along in her pregnancy than she previously thought, so there was no way the baby was Nick’s.  Instead, the father is Bridget’s ex, Dante, who is now engaged to her sister, Felicia, with whom he shares a son.

Regardless of the fact that Dante’s portrayer, Antonio Sabato Jr., and Bridget’s portrayer, Ashley Jones, have no chemistry to speak of, Sabato Jr. has just been released from his contract.  Will Bridget become a single mother or is she destined to lose yet another baby?

If the writers had made Nick the father, the storyline with Brooke becoming pregnant with her daughter’s husband and now her daughter doing the same thing to her, would be an interesting dynamic to explore.  Jones also has sizzling chemistry with Jack Wagner’s Nick.  Wagner and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) have been shoved down viewers throats as a viable pair for the last three years, when in reality, they don’t generate the same heat as Jones and Wagner, or for that matter, the sparks that fly between Lange and her other leading man, Ronn Moss (Ridge).

Most of the tension from this situation has been removed by not making Nick the father.  Yes, Bridget’s revelation will most likely serve as the proverbial nail in the coffin for the Dante/Felicia relationship, but in all honesty, does anyone really care?  Dante is such a wishy-washy character who wavered back and forth in proposals of marriage to sisters Bridget and Felicia, that his sudden choice of Felicia made little sense in the first place.

Think of the fallout if Brooke had had to watch Bridget’s belly grow with Nick’s baby.  It finally would have served Brooke right for her selfish ways through the years, and served as not just payback, but a much needed lesson in humility.  Nick and Bridget could have bonded over their baby, and eventually found their way back to each other, as she became --gasp-- her mother.  Talk about a real soap opera.

The show missed the opportunity for this juicy twist, and now we’ll never enjoy the chance to see it.

Peter Bergman (Jack, Y&R)Blissful ~
Character Changes on Y&R

The character of Jack Abbott, as played by Peter Bergman on The Young and the Restless, has usually been a good guy.  Sure, Jack has rough edges and can make mistakes or show poor judgment, but for the most part, he was always the good guy foil for Eric Braeden’s dark and complex Victor Newman.

All we thought we knew about Jack has been turned upside down with the death of Jack’s beloved father, John, and the addition of John’s pushy lower class wife Gloria, to the Abbott family.  The combination of these two life-altering events have created a profound change in Jack.  Instead of always trying to do the right thing, Jack now lies to everyone in his life and uses underhanded methods to get what he wants.  What he apparently wants most is revenge on Gloria, and to regain control of his father’s company, Jabot.

To accomplish his nefarious goals, Jack pretended to make peace with his life-long nemesis, Victor, and took advantage of Victor’s hospitalization for epilepsy, in order to get Victor to loan him money.  Jack told Victor it was money to buy back Jabot, but when it became clear the owner wouldn’t sell to him, he used the money to set up a dummy corporation and bought the company anyway.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, Jack talked his confused father into signing another will before he passed away, a will which completely cut his wife, Gloria, out.  Jack was then able to gleefully toss Gloria to the curb, which he did with great gusto.

Jack has been receiving disapproving visits from his father’s ghost, urging him to do the right thing.  It remains to be seen what Jack will do, but Victor is already suspicious.  It’s only a matter of time before Jack is busted, and when he is, the repercussions are sure to be memorable.


Bergman has done a fine job taking a long established character and turning him on his head, deftly spinning Jack’s web of deceit with nary a glimmer of remorse.  He looks like he’s enjoying Jack’s metamorphosis as much as anyone, as evidenced by the glint in his eye, and his sly smirk every time Jack gets away with something.

Another character that is undergoing a rapid change is relative newcomer Carmen Mesta, portrayed by the luminous Marisa Ramirez.  When Carmen first appeared in Genoa City, her job was to do damage control for Jabot.  Soon she was working in the PR department at Newman, and sleeping with Jack, all the while flirting with Neil.

Carmen’s flirtation with Neil never went beyond kissing, especially after his estranged wife, Drucilla, returned home.  Drucilla became aware of their close friendship and went ballistic.  After one two many run-ins with an unstable Dru, Carmen had her arrested and took out a protective order against her.

In a matter of months, Carmen has gone from being a sweet and affable victim of circumstance -- not to mention the recipient of Dru’s craziness and Neil’s indecisiveness -- to a whiney control freak who wants Drucilla out of the way at all costs.  While it’s too bad the show squandered the potential of its new character by making Carmen completely unlikable, we now know Ramirez is leaving Y&R.  It seems destined Carmen will go out with a bang, and the way everyone in the Winters family is threatening her, I predict a murder mystery kicking off soon.

Other shows could learn a thing or two from the master.  There’s a reason Y&R has been number one for 16 years.  They know how to rejuvenate long time characters.  They also know how to cut their losses with newer ones, in order to create exciting character based drama on a regular basis.