Busted to Blissful ~ October 2005 ~ B&B and AMC

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 hspace=10 src=In this month's Busted to Blissful, Soapdom's Lesleyann Coker has a bone to pick with the Bold and the Beautiful, but couldn't be more pleased with the way things are going on All My Children.  What has busted her bubble, and what's put her in bubblicious bubble bliss?  Read on!

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Busted ~
Nick and Brooke’s Change of Heart on B&B

A lot has changed on The Bold and the Beautiful in a short amount of time.  Six weeks ago, Nick and Bridget were happy together and planning numerous wedding attempts.   Brooke had finally gained the upper hand on Stephanie, and was anticipating a reconciliation with Ridge.  When the reconciliation didn’t pan out the way Brooke planned due to Ridge’s inability to make a commitment, she vowed to stay alone and not depend on a man anymore.

How quickly the best laid plans of mice and men go awry.  Now, mere weeks later, Brooke and Nick are in love, even though he finally married Bridget and she’s pregnant with his child.  The fast pace of Nick deciding that he was really in love with Brooke instead of her daughter is unsettling, especially after he spent months telling anyone and everyone, including Bridget herself, the opposite.  This turn of events also completely destroys whatever credibility the character of Brooke had left.

While it was difficult to believe Brooke when she told Eric and Ridge that for the first time in her life she wanted to stand on her own two feet without a man, I hoped she had finally learned her lesson and really meant it.  Brooke isn’t getting any younger, and it’s about time she learned to stand up for herself and stopped being a doormat for any man who looks in her direction.  It seemed a logical way for the character to grow.

However, logic has never been B&B’s strong suit, and now Brooke is in love with her daughter’s husband for a second time.  As fans of B&B know, the last time Brooke was in love with her daughter’s husband (Deacon), she slept with him, and the union produced their daughter Hope.  It’s a shame to see B&B and the character of Brooke on the same path and telling the same story just a few years later.

 hspace=5 src=Along with Brooke, the character of Nick is being ruined in the process of this story.  Granted, he was in love with Brooke first, and it was a little strange when he fell in love with Bridget after Brooke chose to reunite with Ridge for the umpteenth time.  But after Nick and Bridget were portrayed as a truly in love, happy couple, and were practically shoved down viewers throats for months, I finally started to believe it.  Even though their numerous attempts at matrimonial bliss always ended in disaster, th hspace=10 src=ey still kept trying, and sooner or later, I began to root for them to get it right.

It does throw a wrench into the story to have Bridget pregnant with Nick’s baby.  It’s certainly more original than having Brooke pregnant again, though it’s probably only a matter of time before Brooke and Nick give in to their new found passion.  I suppose that would make an interesting triangle, albeit a twisted one, to have both mother and daughter pregnant at the same time with Nick’s babies.

I can only cross my fingers that Brooke is done bringing children into the world so she can focus on the ones she has.  It will be the ultimate sign of Brooke’s true character to see if she will step back and let her daughter have the happiness she deserves.  With any luck, Nick will forget Brooke and fall in love with his wife again.  He’s certainly getting enough practice making love to her, which is creepy, considering most of the time he’s coming to her bed straight off a visit with Brooke.  

This begs the question of if there is any man in Los Angeles who can resist the infinite charms of Brooke Logan?  As Stephanie so aptly said, “Look on the bright side.  One of these days she has to hit menopause!” 

The more things change, the more they stay the same on this show.

Blissful ~
New Parings on AMC

All My Children has had some original couples in its day, but two current ones rank right up there as some of the best parings of all time.

 hspace=10 src=My current favorite couple is Adam and Krystal.  The two complete opposites, as a pair, make so much sense it’s a wonder no one thought to put them together sooner.  The incomparable David Canary and the delightful Bobbie Eakes are a match made in heaven, and watching them bicker and flirt has been a treat.

The storyline with Krystal tricking Adam into marriage after Adam overdosed on moonshine in a moonshine drinking contest, has been pure comic gold.  Canary and Eakes play off each other like they’ve been doing it for years, and their sense of timing is impeccable.  The show’s writers have also been at the top of their game writing brilliant one liners for these two to spew at each other.  Underneath all the sarcasm and taunts, one gets the sense that Adam and Krystal might have stumbled onto something bigger than either one bargained for.

 hspace=5 src=It’s perfect when you think about it.  The rich, smart, hot headed, and scheming Adam Chandler has finally found his equal in Krystal Carey -- a woman from the wrong side of the tracks who is uneducated in the book sense but smart as a whip in the street sense, has a heart made of gold, and can match him scheme for scheme.

The writing is clearly on the wall that neither one really wants to get rid of the other despite all their protestations to the contrary.  It’s only a matter of time before these two fall in love, and what a treat that will be for viewers to watch.  Neither Adam or Krystal has been lucky in the love department, so just maybe they will get it right this time in the most unlikely of places -- with each other.

My other favorite couple is Greenlee and Kendall and watching their friendship develop.  Anyone who has knows the long and complicated history between these women as they went from friends to enemies to sisters to friends, with a million stops and starts in between, is being rewarded for their patience now.

In soaps it’s more common to see women fighting over a man or in competition with each other or at each other’s throats for some reason or another, so the bond that has developed between the new step sisters is a rare thing to behold.  Rebecca Budig and Alicia Minshew are always respectful of the rocky history between their characters, and even the tender teasing that has replaced their vitriolic sparing is laced with meaning.

 hspace=5 src=It’s refreshing to see that these two women can put all their differences aside, and really come together for the best possible reason -- to bring a child into this world.  After Greenlee learned that she would never be able to carry Ryan’s child to term, and Kendall stepped up to the plate and offered to be the surrogate mother, it showed how far their relationship and feelings about each other have come.  Both used to be completely self centered, and now there is someone more important to focus on.

Of course, this bond will be broken when Budig eventually leaves the show this fall, but the storyline has been set up perfectly for the presumed dead Ryan’s inevitable return.  When Ryan discovers the unselfish thing his ex-lover Kendall has done, and with Greenlee out of the way, it’s only a matter of time before they reunite.  So let’s hope that the pairing of Greenlee and Kendall will give birth to a real couple in the form of Kendall and Ryan.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though.  In the meantime, there’s the fun of watching the unexpected united front of Greenlee and Kendall deliver Ryan’s baby.  With those two involved, plenty of drama and comedy is sure to ensue before Little Lavery makes its debut..


Lesleyann Coker is a contributing columnist for Soapdom.com, and co-author of Boob Tube, a satiric novel currently being shopped to publishers that examines what really goes on behind the scenes of the soap opera industry.  She is a former reporter for Soap Opera Weekly magazine, and has interviewed over 200 daytime and primetime actors during her career.

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