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Home Features Busted to Blissful Busted to Blissful ~ March 2005 ~ B&B and OLTL

Busted to Blissful ~ March 2005 ~ B&B and OLTL

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B&B's Amber too far gone, or couples switch on OLTL?

In this month's Busted to Blissful, Soapdom's Lesleyann Coker is fed up with B&B, but she couldn't be more delighted with One Life to Live.  What is it about the goings on in the fashion world that busted her bubble, and what's so wonderful in LLanview that has put her in bubblicious bubble bliss?  Read on!

Do You Agree? Dish Busted to Blissful with  Lesleyann Right Here!

Busted ~
Character Assassination on B&B

The character of Ambrosia (Amber) Moore on The Bold and the Beautiful has always been wacky.  It’s one of the reasons why no matter how many schemes Amber pulls, or however many scrapes she finds herself in, we continue to root for her.  The plucky girl from the trailer park who dreamed big and married even bigger, had spunk and never took no for an answer.  She also had guts and would do anything to protect the people she loved.

In the current storyline, this is still her motive.  She claims to love Thomas and is willing to do whatever it takes to get her ex-boyfriend back, and at the same time, she wants to “save” him and his family from his ruthless and arrogant father, Ridge.  At least that’s what she says. 

However, her scheme to trap Ridge and his step-daughter Bridget in an abandoned mine shaft in the hopes of getting an incriminating photo was ridiculous, even for her.  It’s delusional for Amber to believe that Thomas would want her back after she almost killed his father and destroyed his father’s marriage just to prove a point.  Amber might be a lot of things, but stupid has never been one of them. 

Over the course of the last few weeks Amber has gone from an impulsive heroine to an all out lunatic.  She came very close to killing two people, and it doesn’t seem to faze her.  She has become so consumed with revenge, that logic -  never one of her strong suits - has been tossed completely out the window.  The fact that Ridge and Bridget could press charges for attempted murder seems lost on her.

The writers have concocted an implausible story.  At the rate they’re going, Amber is going to be written into such a corner as a villain, that there won’t be any way to redeem her.  It appears Amber is about to take a one-way trip to prison.  If this is the case, it would be a huge loss to the show, and would represent an abrupt departure for a character fans have known and loved for seven years.  Characters should surprise us occasionally, but never act as if they’ve had a lobotomy.

Adrienne Frantz, who plays Amber, has always been an exciting performer to watch.  Even though Amber’s actions don’t make sense to viewers right now, Frantz has us believing that they make sense to Amber.  Only a gifted actor can rise above the material they’re given.  Through her multi-layered portrayal of Amber’s pain, even though Amber isn’t acting like herself, Frantz always reminds us where Amber is coming from.

Amber isn’t the only character on B&B undergoing a radical character transformation.  The character of Bridget has also been hijacked.  The old Bridget was smart.  She was naïve at times, but she always had her wits about her.  The current Bridget is following in her trampy mother’s footsteps -- literally.  Bridget can’t seem to stop going after Brooke’s men.

It was bad enough when, out of no where, Bridget developed an interest in her ex-half-brother, Ridge, who happened to be the love of her mother Brooke’s life.  After outraged fans complained, the writers put that storyline to bed.  But when Bridget came back to town recently, it was revealed that she was still carrying a torch for Ridge.  Not long after seeming to get over those feelings, Bridget became involved with another of her mother’s ex-fiancées, Nick.

The character of Bridget deserves better than having her mother’s sloppy seconds!  After Brooke slept with and became pregnant by Bridget’s then husband Deacon, the last place one would ever expect Bridget to look for romance would be in the arms of a man who had been with Brooke.

When a jolting character change such as this occurs, it takes us out of the story all together and causes us to wonder if the old writing staff was just replaced with writers who have no concept of the characters’ histories.

In a recent episode, Brooke told Bridget that she had psychological issues for going after her ex’s, and she was absolutely right.  Bridget suggested family therapy for Ridge, herself and Brooke.  If that were to happen, the character assassination may be justified.  Seeing Ridge, Brooke and Bridget (and throw in Amber for good measure) delve into their issues with a shrink would make for compelling TV, and a way for B&B to redeem some beloved characters.

Interchangeable Romances on OLTL

Cristian and Natalie.  Natalie and John.  John and Evangeline.  Antonio and Jessica.  Antonio and Natalie?  So many rotating couples on One Life to Live and so little time to enjoy them all.

Cristian and Natalie were the original golden couple, but after Cristian’s presumed death, Natalie turned to John.  When Cristian came back, Natalie resumed her marriage and left John free to make a connection with Evangeline. 

Long story made short, Natalie now believes that the Cristian that came back to her was an imposter, and John knows that he was the real deal.  John is still with Evangeline but sharing longing, lusty glances with Natalie.  If Natalie and John ever do get together, when Natalie learns the truth about Cristian (and she will find out, because secrets always come out on soaps) will she ever be able to forgive John for lying to her?  And more importantly, will she want to resume her relationship with Cristian even though he is in prison for life?

Before Cristian was carted away, he asked his brother Antonio to always take care of Natalie and to watch out for her.  With John busy with Evangeline, and Antonio’s own relationship with Natalie’s sister Jessica on the rocks, how long will it take before Antonio and Natalie make a love connection of their own?

This merry-go-round of relationships might be too confusing to work on another show or with lesser actors, but this sextuplet has really risen to the occasion with the challenging material.

You know it’s a good story when you don’t know which couple to root for.  Of course, everyone wants to see Natalie happy, and her portrayer, Melissa Archer, has amazing chemistry with Michael Easton (John).  But Easton also has palpable chemistry with Renee Goldsberry (Evangeline).  The scene where John and Evangeline first got together in the wine cellar was one of the hottest love scenes ever shown on daytime.  Since that sexy beginning, the two characters have developed a tender rapport, which is evident whenever Goldsberry turns her big doe eyes on Easton and he seems to melt. 

Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio) has chemistry with Bree Williamson (Jessica) but most unexpectedly, he also shares a connection with Archer.  I sense a future couple in the making.

It’s a pleasure to tune in every day to find out who is with whom, since it’s constantly changing, and without any signs of letting a couple live happily ever after.


Lesleyann Coker is a contributing columnist for Soapdom.com, and co-author of Boob Tube, a satirical novel currently being shoppped to publishers that examines what really goes on behind the scenes of the soap opera industry.  She is a former reporter for Soap Opera Weekly magazine, and had interviewed over 200 daytime and primetime actors during her career.

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