Wednesday May 17, 2006

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Episode #4769----Stephanie thanks Brooke for saving Ridge’s life. Nick reminds her that Ridge’s doctors could have played a role in that but Stephanie insists she witnessed Felicia’s child save her life and she just witnessed Brooke save Ridge. Nick is tired of Stephanie’s selfishness and he tells her this is all about her as opposed to Brooke. Nick tells Stephanie she feels guilty because Ridge collapsed after she drove Brooke out of his life. He wishes she would just take a cruise.

Nick wants to take Brooke home but Stephanie still has things to say to Brooke. Stephanie tells Brooke that she belongs with Ridge and Brooke can’t believe what she is hearing. She tells Stephanie if she left her and Ridge alone all those years ago, and—if she offered her support to Brooke then, things would be different. Brooke tells Stephanie she tore her apart. Stephanie tells Brooke that won’t happen again. Brooke guarantees it won’t because she insists she isn’t going back there because Nick is the man she loves.

Ridge continues to imagine that Brooke is by his side. In the meantime, Stephanie arranges a press conference to give an update on Ridge’s health and also to announce that something big is brewing at Forrester. Jackie approaches Stephanie and accuses her of giving Ridge false hope where Brooke is concerned. She urges Stephanie to refrain from fighting Ridge’s battles. Stephanie tells Jackie she is obviously also fighting for Nick and she even tells her that she believes she is simply irritated that she could not hold on to Eric. Jackie tells Stephanie she used her sick daughter to keep Eric in her life. She also tells Stephanie that she and Stephen won’t allow her to come between Nick and Brooke. Steph then tells Jackie that Brooke could care less what Stephen thinks and nobody else cares either.

Brooke and Nick get home and Brooke tells Nick she’s glad she went to see Ridge because she would have felt terrible if something happened to him. She tells Nick she believes she made a difference. Nick wonders if Brooke wants to be a Forrester again. Brooke insists her future is with Nick and that the Forrester family is simply part of her past.

Stephanie tells Ridge he was right to accuse her of taking his life away back in the days when she would not accept Brooke. Stephanie promises Ridge she intends to give him her life back. Ridge looks confused and says: “What have you done with my mother?” Stephanie insists things are different now and she vows she will get Brooke back for him.