Wednesday, June 20, 2006

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Stephen tries once again to reason with his daughter about Ridge. He pleads with Brooke to stay away from him. Brooke is tired of listening to him and orders him to stay out of her life. She had no clue that Stephen was about to tell her he has decided to leave town for good.***Felicia continues to prepare for her wedding to Dante despite the fact that neither she nor Dante are completely sure about taking this step. Dante tells his father he is still in love with Bridget and Felicia finally confronts Bridget to find out whether or not she still has feelings for Dante.***Bridget tells Dante she has decided to stay out of his life but as soon as she gets the words out, she realizes how very much she loves him. On the day of the wedding, Felicia is stunned when she witnesses Bridget and Dante sharing a kiss. She cannot believe her eyes but she elects not to say a word about the incident.