Thursday, June 21, 2006

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The wedding situation becomes more complex with Felicia struggling to deal with the fact that she saw Bridget and Dante locking lips and Bridget trying to convince Dante to marry Felicia because she just could not bear to hurt her sister. Dante finally accepts the fact that he cannot be with Bridget so he decides to make the best of things with Felicia.***Eric has a chat with Felicia and he somehow convinces her to believe that Dante is 100% committed to her. Eric’s words have an effect on Felicia and she decides to go through with her marriage to Dante. The ceremony begins but just before the couple exchanges rings, Felicia admits she cannot go through with the wedding.***Stephen tells Brooke he has decided to leave town and he sincerely hopes there will come a time when she will be able to accept him as her father. Hector approaches Taylor to question her about her feelings for another man. Bridget is shocked when Dante and Felicia’s wedding comes to a screeching halt and she just about loses it when Felicia declares that Bridget is the reason she cannot marry Dante.