Friday, June 22 2006

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An emotional Felicia blurts out that because of Bridget, her wedding day has been ruined and she then flees from the church. Bridget cannot believe any of this and she gets up and rushes after her sister to see whether or not she can calm her down. Bridget gets to Felicia and apologizes but Felicia won’t accept her apology. Bridget then gets Felicia to admit that she has known all along that Dante was in love with Bridget.***Brooke still has her hands full as she tries to convince Nick that he is her one true love. Nick remains upset about Ridge choosing to kiss Brooke on that runway and Brooke insists that the kiss meant nothing. She claims it was all for show. She also tells Nick she can handle working with the Forrester family but Nick remains very unsure about her ability to do this.***Stephanie is shocked when Felicia abruptly ends her wedding ceremony and when she finds out Bridget is the reason Felicia left the altar she is only too ready to insult both Bridget and Brooke. This causes Brooke to kick into mother mode and she is determined to defend her daughter to Stephanie.