Days of our Lives Episode Recap, Thursday, December 31, 2009

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Episode #11241----Sami and Rafe share a quiet New Year's Eve together, but Sami is grappling with whether to continue keeping the ransom note for Sydney a secret from Rafe. They reminisce about last New Year's Eve and how far they've come. Rafe paints a rosy picture about their future and Sami almost tells him about the ransom note. But before she does, she gets a text from EJ to meet with him and not to tell Rafe.

Hope and Justin implement their plan to search Vivian's room while Vivian and Victor are away in Chicago. Meanwhile, Carly briefly tells Daniel the truth about Lawrence. When Daniel tries to get the whole story out of her at the Java Café, Vivian and Victor stop by and run into Carly, Daniel and Chloe. After Carly exits, Daniel tells Victor to lay off Carly. After they exit, Vivian goes over her plan to find Carly's illegitimate child with Victor. However, Victor, feeling bad about his encounter with Daniel, decides to call off the trip to Chicago. At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope and Justin find a Chinese puzzle box in which Vivian hid the incriminating papers. They try to open it, but they hear Vivian and Victor's voices at the door. After they enter, Vivian and Victor are shocked to find Hope and Justin locked in a passionate kiss.

Philip convinces Melanie to elope with him to Las Vegas tonight. In the meantime, Daniel encourages Nathan to tell Melanie how he feels. Nathan decides to go to Melanie, but runs into Philip on his way instead and learns that Philip and Melanie are eloping to Vegas tonight. Nathan says he won't allow Melanie to marry Philip and they get into a fist fight. At the same time, Stephanie drops something off to Maggie and learns about the elopement from Melanie. Stephanie says she's happy for Melanie. She warns Melanie better be faithful to Philip and not come in between her and Nathan. Melanie and Stephanie then wonder where the guys are and get a call. Philip and Nathan are locked in a holding cell...together.

Daniel and Chloe share a romantic New Year's Eve.

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