Bold & the Beautiful Episode Recap, Wednesday, Novmber 7, 2007

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Patrick Duffy (Stephen Logan, Bold & the Beautiful) 

Brooke clings to Nick begging him to just let the matter of Stephanie go. Nick would like to for Brooke, but he can’t. Stephanie has got to be held accountable for what she has done. Nick rushes out of Brooke’s house.

Donna and Stephanie’s war over Eric, and who will be at his side during the fashion show wages on. They agree to disagree, but not in nearly that friendly of terms.

Eric’s excitement over his new line and the fashion show has the dark cloud of Stephanie hanging over, and Thorne and Felicia’s disapproval. Eric lays down the law with his children. If they can’t accept Donna that is one thing but if they can’t see what a better, happier person he is, and be happy for him, than he has an issue with them. Both concede, Eric does appear to be a new man, but it wasn’t Donna that made it happen. Felicia and Thorne fear Eric is going to humiliate himself by toting Donna on his arm at the fashion show. Eric admits, he hadn’t thought about it before, but likes the idea now that they brought it up. Eric’s final word on the matter is he will decide after the fashion show, who he is going to spend the rest of his life with.

Donna is convinced Nick will take care of Stephanie for her. Donna goes home to check on Brooke.  When she arrives, Brooke isn’t happy with her conniving sister. Donna and Brooke don’t argue but they disagree loudly over Donna telling Nick about Stephanie’s connection to Andy and interfering in Brooke’s life.

Brooke tells Donna she will not be a part of Donna’s vendetta against Stephanie and Donna is to stay out of her life. Donna doesn’t listen.  Instead she picks up her phone calling her father. Donna doesn’t reveal any details, but does tells her dad that Brooke is in trouble and needs support. She asks him to come to LA. He agrees.

Stephanie flips through her mail in the dark hotel room in which she has been forced to take up residence. The room is quiet and dreary. Nick’s firm tone shatters the silence as he emerges from the balcony. Stephanie orders him out of her room and threatens him with the police. Stephanie isn’t going to discuss or explain herself to Nick. Opening the door for Nick to leave, Stephanie reminds him of his wife and new baby at home. He shouldn’t still be running to Brooke’s rescue. Nick is willing to leave without further conversation but warns Step -- if she ever tries to harm Brooke again, he will kill her.

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