Bold & the Beautiful Episode Recap, Tuesday, November 6, 2007

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Lesley-Anne Downs (Jackie Marrone, Bold & the Beautiful) 

Stephanie’s remorse she promised everyone she had, doesn’t seem to have held out long. No matter how upset Brooke gets and begs Stephanie to leave, she refuses. Stephanie doesn’t even care to discuss the rape anymore.  She has her own agenda -- Donna and Eric. Stephanie has hopes of her and Brooke joining forces to end the relationship. Brooke is appalled, to say the least, that Stephanie has the nerve to bring up such an idea.

Stephanie really gets under Brooke’s skin when she gives up on any help from Brooke and claims she will handle it herself. Brooke puts her foot down. Brooke threatens to turn Stephanie in for her role in the rape if she steps foot near her, Donna, or anyone she loves ever again. The threat falls on deaf ears because Stephanie is waiting to confront Donna when she returns to the office.

Across town, Donna hammers away at her accusations of Stephanie’s guilt by-proxy. Nick believes, at first, that Donna is lying just to look like the better person in the fight for Eric. Donna doesn’t care if he believes her, and challenges him to ask Brooke. No matter what, Donna asks, don’t leave Brooke at the mercy of that family ever again.

Brooke returns to find Nick disturbed and waiting for her. Nick wants the truth. Brooke claims she doesn’t want to stir up trouble because Stephanie is paying but Nick won’t hear of letting the issue go, once Brooke confirms what Donna told him.  Brooke reaches out for Nick begging him please, “if you love me” don’t go after Stephanie. Nick turns taking her wrists in his fists. Very calmly, Nick tells Brooke, he can’t let go of something this huge after all they have shared. After all they will always share. “You know how I feel about you.” Brooke stares into Nick’s eyes, “I feel the same way.”

Yes, folks you read that correctly! Brooke confessed her undying love, again,  to a different man this week, less than a “soap opera day” of winning her soul mate back.

As the Forrester and Logan love circles, octagons, pentagons ( I certainly can’t call it a love triangle) wages on like a never ending game of duck-duck-goose; Jackie Marrone and Clarke Garrison are preparing to take the fashion industry by storm.  Jackie has prettied up her office and is ready to be the next big name in fashion. Clarke is excited to be on board with the rebirth of Spectra Fashion. Jackie’s ideas of grandeur worry Clarke a bit, as an old-fashioned bathtub is installed in Jackie’s office.

A swarm of reporters wait outside the one-time office door of Sally, anxious to get the first glimpse of the new owner of Spectra. Clarke helps build the excitement and suspense. When he throws the door open, Clarke is met with his own surprise. Jackie welcomes the media into her office as she lounges in her new tub with bubbles up to her chin.

Jackie delivers a sultry speech and announcement that leaves everyone wanting more. She poses and flitters about amongst the bubbles. Once the initial shock wears off, Clarke can only stand back and admire his new boss’ creativity.

While Jackie is sticking it to the entire Forrester and Logan clans, is she also finding love? We see very little of Clarke, who adds a nice bit of welcomed comic relief. Sound off about how you feel about a Jackie/Clarke romance. It’s easy, log in to Soapdom and type your answer below then check back here everyday to see if Jackie’s new venture fizzles or sizzles, professionally and romantically.

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