Bold & the Beautiful Episode Recap, Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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Mackenzie Mauzy & Constantine Maroulis (Phoebe Forrester & Constantine Maroulis, Bold & the Beautiful) 

Taylor and Rick are enjoying spending the evening with Jack until Ridge and Brooke stop by to criticize them for their relationship regardless the extent. Moments before Ridge and Brooke arrive Phoebe is ecstatic. Constantine has phone her and asked that she meet him in Australia to finish out his tour with him. Taylor and Rick both give their blessing and hope for the best for Phoebe.

Phoebe shares her news with Ridge and Brooke who are happy for her at first, soon their mood turns sullen when Phoebe turns to Rick and starts talking about their new relationship and feelings. Phoebe rushes off to pack leaving the adults to pick up right where they left off at Nick’s house. Taylor doesn’t feel either Ridge or Brooke has any say in who she gets involved with or her time with Jack. Rick places himself in the middle, making Taylor’s problems with Brooke, his problems. Seeing Rick stand up for her so passionately makes Taylor realize, it is due to Rick she has a happy future ahead of her, and it is Rick she would like to see in that future. Taylor admits she could see herself falling in love with Rick. Rick turns to her expressing that he is already in love with Taylor. Ridge and Brooke just glare at them, speechless.

Katie has changed her mind about Bridget and Nick getting back together. Instead of telling Bridget that it isn’t the best idea that she pursue a future with Nick, she tells him. Nick is confused and irritated. Nick and Katie mix about as well as oil and vinegar, until Katie kisses Nick out of the blue, they begin to mix like a perfect dressing.

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