Bold & the Beautiful Episode Recap, Thursday, April 3, 2008

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William Devry (Storm Logan, Bold & the Beautiful) 

No, No, No! Ridge tells Brooke. Under no circumstances does Ridge want Storm working at Forrester or even in the building. Brooke tries to defend her brother but Ridge’s mind is made up and he will not be swayed. Ridge is furious with Storm over shooting Stephanie and does not want him dating any employee of Forrester.

Storm has a great time with Ashley, and now has hopes of a real date some time soon. He goes to Brooke to thank her for forcing him into taking Ashley out. Now, afraid of Ridge and how he may react if he learns it was Brooke who pushed Storm and Ashley together, Brooke begs Storm to forget about courting Ashley. She must admit to Storm the reason she thinks he should forget about pursuing Ashley is because of Ridge. Storm blows up angry that Ridge can just snap his fingers and the world lets him have his way. Brooke manages to calm Storm, but Ridge confronts him in the hall. Ridge loudly tells Storm he doesn’t like him, and he doesn’t ever want to see Storm again. “You’re fired!”

Donna whines as she returns to the office and Eric sleeps in their love nest. Donna tells Katie about her failed plan as Pam listens, in amusement, at the door. Letting herself into the office and interjecting herself into the conversation Pam gloats that she was right, Donna is losing her hold over Eric. Pam’s accusation does put doubt in Donna’s mind but she won’t let Pam see her fears. They exchange words and with Katie as a witness Pam makes it clear she will use physical means to rid Eric of Donna, if she has to.

Before Donna returned to the office Pam slipped Stephanie the key to Donna’s apartment so she can go over and talk to Eric. Stephanie wakes her husband. They speak calmly and honestly about Eric’s true feelings towards Donna. Stephanie promises to let him go if that is what he wants, but she can’t help but notice the look of love in his eyes when that talk.

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